Colordev’s Color Machine: Try Random Color Schemes On Your Website

Are you a developer about to redo his website’s color scheme but confused as to what colors should be used? If yes, then you could use something that randomly offers various color schemes and lets you see their impact on your site. In other words, you could use Colordev’s Color Machine.

color schemes on websites

Colordev’s Color Machine is a fantastic website for developers and is absolutely free to use. It lets you pass any website through its interface and then changes the color schemes; you can then preview the changes made to the color scheme.

In addition to previewing those changes you can view the exact details of the scheme. The preview area is under the site’s tools; you can view the details of the scheme by clicking on the “Show details” link.

color schemes on websites

To try out another random scheme, all you have to do is click on the “Color Quake” button. You can save the schemes for later viewing using the “Save page” link and view all your saved pages using the “Save Designs” button.


  • A  great web tool for web developers.
  • Lets you preview website in random color schemes.
  • Provides exact details of the color schemes.
  • Lets you save those random color schemes for later viewing.
  • Particularly helpful for site owners looking to give their website a new color scheme.
  • Similar tools: FontFonter, and Page Preview.
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Check out “Colordev’s Color Machine” @

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