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Tech News October 31st 2018 Windows Vanadium Samsung Apple Ipad Watch Series 4 And More

Welcome to this windows in computer channel and this is the tech news update we are Wednesday October 31st 2018 and today in our tech news well Apple series 4 is having a glitch with the latest update to watch OS it seems that some users are reporting that their watch just bricked while updating or actually after the update was.

Processed so of course Apple pulled the update and it’s been looking at the what’s happening and of course what we issued a big way to fix but that’s not kind of a cool thing that’s happening at duplex latest.

Numbers that actually we’re supposed to be released a little earlier but they’ve kind of delayed them because of the October 2018 are they being released but then being pulled shows that the April 2019 update of Windows 10 is on eighty-eight point three percent of Windows 10 pcs which is not bad of a number as we’re still waiting for the October 2018 update to actually get you know be released.

Basically well yesterday Apple announced several things iPads Mac books and a Mac Mini and interesting number because I think.

They wanted to reassure everybody about iPad sales they were saying that they sold more iPads then the biggest PC maker meaning that they sold forty point four point two million iPads last year HP sold thirty six point nine million pcs last year and but of course the overall market if you take HP and and all the other companies HP Lenovo.

Acer and so on the total sales of computers or PCs are much higher and a number of iPads sold but I think they just wanted to make sure that we understand iPad.

Sales are pretty good the October 2018 update.

Had a patch for slurring yesterday another update which pushes diversion to 1776 3.10 7 fixing the Zipp problem bug and of more tests.

What we are understanding is that they are going to simply try to have the update released of course in November and there’s a rumor that it could be on Patch Tuesday November 13 I don’t know if that will be the case a report says that almost every company that announced data breach I have not only been hurt in their revenues but it has a lasting.

Effect on the amount of consumers that have less confidence in their products and services and it seems that that’s pretty.

Much what’s happening so you know they have to be careful with all the data breaches because it seems that people don’t easily forget that a company was careless with their data and our text next news is about cloud data which is kind of interesting because it’s a make a few report on the security of cloud data.

And that security of cloud data and that report seems to say that cloud data is much less secure and immune to attacks than what we might think a quarter of the.

Data store is very sensitive and it needs special attention but it’s just kind of mixed up in everything that’s happening study says that on average 2,200 misconfigured incidents happen every month and this of course makes data kind of you know possible to be kind of stolen somehow Facebook numbers show that the growth of Facebook has ended as it just said.

That it’s pretty much flat even maybe losing a little bit of users in North America it’s very flat the quarter-to-quarter number of users is still at 185 million users daily not no increase no but not no lower numbers either so it’s kind of you know that that mass removal of users from Facebook isn’t really showing up much but it’s growth is not there anymore how are you.

One of those that well go online and use these symptoms checkers to see.

What you might have is it just a cold while you simply died tomorrow well a study shows that more than 50% at a time these websites are totally wrong in the diagnosis in that basically you should just go and see a doctor Samsung on Tuesday says that.

Its operating profit was at a record high for the quarter fifteen point four billion dollars and it clearly clearly is the chip business that’s driving the revenue stream as the phone sales are 10% less year-over-year but still Samsung wanted to.

Note that the s9s nine plus and no nine are still solid sales and as Microsoft you know wanted to change because we.

Had coal names you know when we were talking about the next versions of Windows used to have redstone and now it’s nineteen h14 next version well it seems that after that that won’t be.

19 H – it’s called vanadium and the next one after that will be vibranium we taught that these version numbers with years would stay in you were kind of clear telling.

Us which one was update but now the code names are gonna change again and this was a tech news update for Wednesday October 31st 2018 you enjoy our videos please subscribe.

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