Women Who Code – Accra And Coders Who Travel (official Video) | Produced By Avidon M. Respes

With tech everything is possible highly let’s just say hi safe young is joining us by Skype Ghana is Oaxaca is just the first women who could network in West Africa there are so many other ladies out there like me who sort of me the university confused and probably reckon in tech confused they don’t have support they don’t have.

Access to resources or information they’re not exposed to the many opportunities in tech for women so cordon is changing lives creating employments opening our eyes suit than many many.

Many opportunities around us all you need to do is imagine it have the idea you can you can make it happen so for me as about you Tom Badu who went up our tavern and that is how I have gotten this bad mic I’m a woman I haven’t said chuckles that pass industry for anybody who doesn’t want to be out there because you are y’all just defined by biology are not just by the fact that you dress very well the others are to look anything like that.

It’s about what you put out technology is good cause of us let’s take a toast morning lighters I just take that.

Picture and send it to them face on the way coming to companies like we don’t have fun and don’t have technology how can you send it to the person you can’t do it for a spoke the word you was singing oh you have been so so good very Oh chases me down yes yeah to me when I fell so so kind.

It’s racing not life I include myself with a known in May of Prieta recommissioning Commission management system if I think you know we have an extra you.