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Mini Wifi 720p Smart Ip Camera Home Security System Review From – Amazing Quality In –

Then I will show you a quick review about the mini with e smartly click on around security system healthy pattern has arrived it here you see but can’t connect with phone iPod is hot find it a camera like we see here the ones me but SD card memory here power and here a small working or is it can.

Fix it – trippy here continued amperage the mighty vision night vision and the others also capturing minute major we connected to the power which you connected the blue LED.

Here now she will connect to the weak sister it’s.

A good camera I recommend low price good quality film in it have HD quality and standard courage initialism know how she will connect to the whiskey I have already my information password and login by by phone I have already put the information this is important to find the GUID to connect in the box now the camera is connected to Wi-Fi we open the software you can download the sides here software in such work leaves a remote control which we can move common now you see camera move churches for some.

Degrees that’s all about the camera thank you..