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How To Glow || Morning Skin Care Routine

Hey guys welcome to my youtube channel my name is Aisha and this is my second video today I’m going to be showing you guys my morning face camera team yep this is my face I like hit let’s get straight to it so first I’m gonna put my hair up to get it out of the way I know my.

Face looks dry but whatever now I’m gonna put a scarf on to make sure the baby hairs in the stray hairs don’t get in the way.

Of everything push it back to make sure that the scarf doesn’t absorb any water and we’re looking pretty good so let’s head to the bathroom and I’ll show you how it’s done so first things first I’m the realest just kidding first things first you’re gonna.

Wash your hands cuz they’re dirty you just woke up probably was picking your nose all night get all those germs off now you’re gonna heat up the water and make sure it’s warm enough for you to rub it on your face and comfortable enough not to burn you wipe away all the crusts all the dry.

All of that make sure it’s gone and you have a nice clean surface to work on and every part of your face is wet enough to absorb the exfoliation so the first thing I’m gonna use is Neutrogena oil-free acne wash this works so good I love it so much it really takes.

Away all that oil all the build-up all this sweat you were sweating in those nightmares it’ll wash it right off and it’s like you never even had a bad dream you know you’re gonna want.

To scrub in circular motions getting all.

Those creases and crevices anywhere you breakout usually that’s where you’re gonna want to scrub you can even use your nails to scratch away all that dead skin actually feels really relaxing just get all that off yep now rinse that off with warm water and after just.

That step you should realize you don’t have that poufy I just woke up stiff ass space anymore so next to me they’re going to use the charcoal sugar mask or the.

Charcoal acne cleanser I usually use the acne cleanser if I already have pimples on my face but since my face is pretty.

I’ll use the mask just to prevent you your outbreaks remember a little goes a long way and when it comes to facial products a lot just waste your money so you’re just.

Gonna take a little bit and put that on your face and your face is already wet so any product that touches it it’ll just make more of it and it’ll essentially be just enough of what you need so make sure you rub that in there very well I’d say leave that mask on for.

About five minutes and while that’s going on I’m gonna brush my teeth because this is my morning routine and it’s important to brush your teeth every morning because a pretty girl with bad breath is just the ugly girl period okay so I’m all done with that your face should be pretty tacky sticky when that comes about and you know it’s time to rinse your face.

Off this rinse off the mask and I used to notice the real glow you know okay.

That’s that for the face washing.

Portion okay so that’s done I’m gonna air dry my face for a little bit and.

I’ll be back I’m back hey so so far my face is looking pretty good it’s just dry so let’s add some product to it let’s see where it takes it first thing I’m gonna add is a biotin oil it might seem a little counterproductive to add oil after I just washed off all that oil but this oil is good oil and and make sure my skin tone remains even takes away all my blackheads and it adds a little bit of glow so that’s always good you want to really massage.

It into your skin make sure it has the best opportunity to even out that skintone and next.

I’m gonna put a little bit of Jergens on my face just to make sure it’s moisturized because it still feels a little dry even though I added oil and I’m gonna massage it just as well just because I want to wake up.

A little bit you know stretch out that skin just your skin young you know and depending on how I’m feeling I might add a little bit more glow you know too much glow is never a problem unless you’re using like Vaseline or something my face is done I feel good.

And the last thing I’m gonna work on is my lips I have a hydrating scrub.

And a healing lip balm they both come from Burt’s Bees first I’m gonna use the scrub just put a little bit of that on my lips and scrub it.

Around get all those dead skin scales off and I’m gonna wipe that off and I am gonna apply the lip balm which heals my lips I do have.

A lip biting problem so this is good for everybody who bites their lips because it heals it in like a.

Night that’s everything so let’s take it to the real lighting this is what the Sun and oh it looks so bad I’m literally glowing I love this morning look I don’t even look tired anymore and once I get dressed you know it’s on and poppin I can literally leave the house like this just put some lip gloss on and finish it off and I am feeling myself yep feeling.

Myself anyways that’s about it guys thanks for watching I hope you learned something I will see you guys next time peace.