Attraction, Seduction, And Rapport, Guided Meditation And Affirmations The Sleep Learning System

[Laughter] and now that you’re in a comfortable position yourself relax down D again one more time just let yourself begin the process of letting go once you choose to let go you can relax so much deeper this is the start of the process of clearing your mind and body of any tension any clutter it may have accumulated over.

The day and as you choose to go deeper you’ll find that all of those things start to dull or fade away.

Took a deep breath in let it out now even a deeper breath all the way in and out on the next deep breath when you let it out you can sigh or make an audible sound that’s okay good now keep breathing deep concentrate on your brand if you have not closed your eyes you can do so now as you close them you notice it feels so good.

To take any tension from your eyes because when you close your eyes you relax those muscles in and around.

The eyes so naturally feels so good just to keep them closed it’s actually too much work to keep them open you can’t be bothered just going down deeper and deeper into relaxation doubling your relaxation and letting down breathe in you know letting your eyes get so heavy that it would make no sense to open them right now knowing throughout this process you’re always safe and secure right there.

In your bed could always open your eyes if you choose to for now just go deeper letting go and he cares their worries of.

The day you’re safe secure right there your own bed you choose you can be one sample complete ready to continue.