Security Powered Collaboration | Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Powers Mission Australia

Mission Australia is a non-denominational Christian organization that seeks to reduce homelessness and we work across a whole range of activities predominately in trying to prevent the things that cause homelessness we cover all of Australia across about 270 sites using about 3000 staff and another 3,000 potential volunteers the key she was security because we were able to create the.

Security profile on the right secure security with resilience without moving to Windows 10 but to move to Windows 10 on with a wide range of legacy equipment it was quite difficult and quite problematic and given that most of our resources are spread over.

270 sites across Australia that was proven to be very.

Difficult and highly disruptive so we needed a better way to manage that the solution that the Claire collective presented for us really allowed us to reduce the impact across our network with 3,000 staff spread across remote sites and with the magnitude of a change like Windows 10 and remote and those remote sites it led us to roll.

It out really effectively and has led us to minimise the downtime to each person which means I spend more time with our clients the collective have been really responsive to what we need so we’ve come to them with problems and they’ve sat down with.

Us and worked us through options they’ve challenged our thinking they’ve helped us to think in the new paradigm as things change and technology changes and they’ve allowed us to really step up our pace of change so that we’re actually reaping some of the economic benefits and practicality benefits much faster than we might have using some of our older thinking I think over the next 12 to 18 months it’s.

Gonna be a much stronger focus.

On on mobility and working with our staff to give them the tools they need but also at the same time as a company or organization that holds sensitive data.

We’re looking to make sure that we protect that data very carefully.

And as our staff moving out across remote areas and and local areas we want to make sure that that data is protected at all times and then we can respond really quickly to the threats that different security elements bring and.

Confident the cloud collected will be able to help us with that as we move forward you.