Announcements – 10.25.18

Good morning Stanford today is October 25th 2018 it is his 54th day of school please stand for the Pledge attention salute pledge I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all Thursday punches Beefaroni butter carrots whip briefings.

And or sub box Friday’s breakfast is egg and cheese croissant with fruit Friday’s lunch is chan diets mashed potatoes and lima beans with fur or easy jammer a lunchable box.
Your yearbook today for $35 by seeing mrs.

Or online at Jostens yearbooks calm if you order by October.

31st you’ll get a special treat soccer tryouts will be held on Wednesday October 24 and Thursday October 25th.

For students who signed up remember that tryouts are after school until 5 o’clock p.

as a reminder all student athletes.

Trying out for a sport must have a completed physical packet on file with the office prior to tryouts turn yours into mrs. Todd today during the week of October 29th Sanford middle school would be recognized in Red Ribbon Week rare room only began in 1985 after the death of Special Agent Kiki Camarena Kiki was.

In Mexico while working for the US Drug Enforcement Administration his tragic death brought light to the serious nature of drug use and addiction throughout the US and the world you’re invited to participate in the dress-up days and make a commitment to drug free Monday is wear red day red is the key to.

Showing where drug free Tuesday is camel day.

The hunt is on for a drug-free zone Wednesday a superhero dynamic duo day superheroes assemble your team and show the world your drug free you can wear superhero shirts or costumes but no masks Thursday is my future day our future destination depends on our choices wear your favorite.

College gear or dress as your future career Friday is Stanford strong day wear your school colors to show we stand together to be drug-free today’s pump for dating are you pump would you like to do me either maybe a punk-rocker.
But not literally what does having school pride mean to you talk about it..

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