New Phone! W\ Announcements

Yes yes yes ah yeah finally I upgrade from this old crappy LG ah that was fun to get that’s unboxit hey there’s these are manuals and stuff there’s the phone what this is this is my broken LG what the hell oh my different nice kid hey guys it’s mega buds it’s been a while for making videos and stuff.

Changed first off I got new glasses second off I got a new set up I’m gonna be talking more about that in a soon-to-be video and third I.

Have ds9 now so I finally got a new phone besides this lg phone and the previous successor the lg phone but this is going to be coming up for a certain video so I’m not going to talk too much about that but yes I operated after using the LG Phoenix 3 for 2 weeks my parents are the best thank you mom and dad you guys are the awesome but yeah I have the s9 so now I can record more.

High quality videos and stuff and make more content content so yeah thank you guys so much the sport and without this I probably wouldn’t even care if I got a new phone or.

Not but thank you guys so much for watching expect 50 ways to break a phone coming soon so anyways thank you so much watching I’ll see you guys slowly megawatts.

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