The Announcements Episode 10 – Millworth Tv

So then I was like are you kidding me right now because those were mine like I had my eye on them first wow it sounds like you’ve had a rough weekend and then and then she was like oh oh no these are my shoes I just loved it I’m like no are you kidding me I bought those for. Morgan and he will look oh that’s odd in those still life I don’t know miss Morgan was really yeah alright guys wait.

Okay if you’re on right now we should probably cut this but we don’t have any funding you guys never cleared it with anybody in administration for us to do the show all these cameras cost us like four thousand dollars and we’re now in.

Debt so you guys have to go back to the store and try and get some sort of refund bring your receipts and make sure we got.

At least something back for these okay but here’s the thing I don’t want to okay here’s the thing we bought three spotlights for her alone that’s because she she needs to shine right she’s a peacock man you oughta let her fly so how about them still let us tell me tell me what others to let us to expenses okay tell me more about them to let us know I.

Was like no because Jerry okay Jerry stay here okay are you since we’re gonna cut this.

We don’t have an editor to cut things so um no Jerry here’s how it’s gonna go down we only have a few more episodes left yeah we have two more maybe we’ll take them back at the end of the two episodes maybe we won’t maybe we’ll throw them down a ditch somewhere but for now Jerry but for now this sounds kind of like like a.

You problem so I’m gonna let you get back to you how we were talking about a very important subject right now so mr. Morgan’s stilettos okay yes they are a gorgeous shade of like it was like Jerry are you still here I am still here this is important I disagree okay respectfully and disrespectful I’m gonna end up getting the principle involved.

And using the it both of you guys in trouble do you II did you just misgender our principal the principal do.

Jerry who recommended you I need to see your resume right now Jerry.

Where did you come from who Jerry he just leaves come on Jerry completely unprofessional II really completely unprofessional and to you camera guy who just showed the entire set where is the professionalism yeah we don’t have any anyway back to these stilettos you know what I think.

We that just put me in a bad mood actually so I think I think today’s today’s kind of a gong show yeah don’t stay classy you know I’m fine what I’m done Jerry gosh.

Darn it yeah I’m walking you know I’m gonna walk too because Jerry Bergen Jerry yeah my mic is coming with me because this was not planned wait I’m going this way there’s no door there’s.

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