Mpact Church Wilson Nc Announcements 10.28.18

Here’s what’s happening this week at impact Church our food pantry is completely depleted helps replenish stock by donating food to help those in need today is the final day of the whirligig festival if you haven’t already be sure to drop in at the impact church tent to help us share God’s love here in Wilson be sure to consider.

Giving today during our special missions offering if you’re looking to share in fellowship and in taco soup the ladies meeting will be happening on Tuesday November the 6th in the youth room at 6:30 p.
They honor him if you haven’t yet participate.

In voting be sure to vote on Tuesday November the 6th Bardon colleges dorms will be closed from November the 20th to the 25th if you are willing to host an international student in during this time please let Carlo or Pastor David know the stops would like to thank the impact church family for monetarily supporting them during their recovery from the hurricane Florence want to connect with us follow us on our Facebook page want to download the last sermon check out our website once a.

Contact leadership send us an email we’re always happy to respond thank you for coming to impact church we’re so glad that you came here today it could join us into worship and in fellowship we believe in experiencing encounters that change lives you.

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