4 Biggest Announcements From Apple's October 2018 Event! | Et

Good morning it is so great to be in New York and it’s so great to be here with all of you hey guys this is a page from v1 comm and at Apple’s October Hardware event which is basically Apple’s Mac and iPad event Apple announced a lot of cool things well I’m here to tell you the four biggest.

Announcements from the event so.

Let’s start off with the biggest of the most we have been wanting a MacBook Airs since what seems like eternity now well the wait is finally over you.

Have a brand new MacBook Air I’m incredibly excited today to introduce an all-new MacBook Air with a Retina display and a whole lot more yes it’s finally here and if that’s enough gorgeous original display honestly the new MacBook Air is essentially a slimmer MacBook Pro but I’m not complaining along with the Retina display with minimal bezels.

You get the same keyboard with the butterfly mechanism and the same spacious trackpad that a lot of people love in the.

Pro there is no touch bar here but I’m pretty sure not a lot of people are going to miss that and.

That’s because the MacBook Air has another new feature that customers have been asking for and that’s touch ID I love this new MacBook Air design but as you can see it only has USB C port so you’re going to have to live the dongle life moving on from the design the new MacBook Air is part by the latest eighth generation Core i5 processor and up to 16 gigs around Apple promises 12 to 13 hours of battery life from this thing so it should keep the legacy of the MacBook Air in fact but all of.

Great because I think we’re all skeptical of even getting a new MacBook Air but check out the price at 1199 making it the most affordable retina Mac we’ve ever offered $1200 now at the time of shooting this video we don’t know.

The indian price yet but according to iphone standards in india this should be around 1 lakh 20,000 rupees and that kind of stings right well let’s move on to another exciting device on the.

Way I honestly start to lose interest in the iPad and I’m pretty sure a lot of you.

Guys feel the same but then this happened we’re announcing an all-new iPad pro is the new iPad pro now that looks super cool.

Right okay so the new revamped iPad pro comes with slimmer bezels and and liquid it in a display like the iPhone tena and it looks amazing as you can see there’s no touch ID but I’m pretty sure you already know.

That the new iPad here comes with face ID into which works in any orientation and even when the device is connected to a keyboard so that’s pretty great plus since there is no home button it also.

Has the same iPhone 10 like gestures which play nicely with other iPad features like split-screen slide over etc another major change in the iPad is this we’re moving to us PC yes Apple.

Has finally moved on from its lightning port to the USBC port on his iPads but there’s one thing that Apple did not tell you the event the new iPad pro does not come with a headphone jack so neither USB see.5 mm adapter to connect your wild headsets and no Apple doesn’t bundle those so that’s pretty sad ok apart from that the new iPad pro is pretty power packed the a 12.

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