Announcements 11/04/18

Are your announcements for today Sunday November the 4th 2018 we want to start with wishing our very own pastor Shanti woody a happy birthday pastor has asked that all members participate in his birthday assessment of $54 sign up for Toys for Tots gifts for youths 12 and under you can sign up your child today at the information desk.

Donations of gift cards are being accepted for you 13 and older the mission team is having a cult drive at 10 South kg on November the 17th please help support the.

Mission team and bring in all donated coats by next Sunday November the 11th Wednesday November the 21st it’s our Thanksgiving dinner celebration we will be serving dinner immediately following Bible class join outreach.

December the 15th as we go out into the community with spanish-language books from the library Christmas cards from the youth Department caroling by the music ministry and gift bags from the mission team this concludes.

The announcements for you on today if you have anything that you would like to have announce please email it to OCC announced at gmail.