How To Make Succulents With Cardstock Paper

Welcome to craft school in this video I’m going to show you how to make seven different paper succulents and a paper airplane and show you how I use my pad pastels to add a little bit of color variation so let’s get started for the succulents and air plants in this video I’m using all cardstock now you can use.

A text white paper you can use a frosted paper almost any paper will do but I’m going to demo them on the text wait paper for my color palette.

A variety of green colors and then added a little bit of this blush pink you can choose your own color palette whatever you’d like I’ll have a list of these colors below to add some color variety and ombre effect I’ve also picked up a selection of these pan pastels again you can match them with the color palette you have going but I’ll have these listed below you can download.

The pattern for all seven succulents and the air plant in either a PDF or an SVG cup file to use on your personal cutting machine for tools I’m using my craft scissors detailed scissors curling tool needle nose pliers and wire cutters my low temperature hot glue.

Gun and then for the pan pastels I have some sponges and a brush I’ve cut out the succulent out of a dark green and I have four different sizes of the same shape three of each plus two of this small shape that will be the center to add some ombre in color I’m going to add some of this.

Pink believe it or not I think that when using pan pastels using a color that’s unexpected often gives the most.

Punch so let’s see how this looks I’ll put quite a bit of color right at the base.

Most of that will be covered up and then I like to use my brush to blend it and it’s actually very subtle I’ll do that on both sides and I’ll do this to all of the petals for this cardstock it doesn’t have much of a coating on it and it’s actually pretty toothy so I don’t really find the need to spray some fixative on the paper once I put.

The pastels off that’s up to you if you are more comfortable go ahead and spray it you can see how the pen past that really.

Brings the texture of the paper out and I think that looks that’s really pretty I’m using my brush here to pick up any extra color and adding that right onto my paper pedal and then on these pieces I’ll add just a bit to the center I really like the variations and imperfections of the color so when you’re doing this don’t get.

Too worried about everything being perfectly smooth and even I think it looks more natural this way now I’m going to use my curling tool and very gently grabbing I’m not I’m not grabbing down here because I don’t want it to tear it at the.
Weakest spot so I’m grabbing about a third of the way up and curling.

That and then what I’m doing here is I’m doing a little bit of a cross curl to give it some shape I’ll do that on both of the center pieces a bit of glue in the center and I’ll cross that over and then let that cool.

For these pieces I’m going to.

Curl three directions so one two three so we want that really nice shape then I’ll cross this over just a dab of glue on the tip cross it over and hold that until it cools enough to to stay and I’ll do the same thing on all of these larger leaves I’m rarely using cardstock when I’m making paper flowers sometimes I’ll.
Use cardstock for leaves but rarely paper flowers because.

It’s just so thick that it doesn’t curl as nicely and give me the shape.

I want however succulents are in a perfect place.

For cardstock if you look at a real succulent plant their leaves are extremely thick they have a.

Lot of water in them so I think that the cardstock gives a bit more of that realistic look now we’re ready to assemble and you can start with the larger petals or the smaller either way I’ll start with the smaller in this project and this is.

Where I will glue all three of the same size together so something I’ve noticed is that if you put.

Hot glue right on top of another set of hot glue it will actually melt and these in particular because you don’t want those to pop apart so I’m hot gluing just the edge rather than on top of the other hot glue placing.

Edges together add a dot of hot glue here and here and place that on top and you have enough time to adjust and rotate and then I’ll set that down and let that cool now the trick is going to happen when I layer all of them.

Because we again don’t want any of that hot glue to pop so starting with the.

Smallest I’ll place some hot glue right on the edges here not in the center and I carefully drop that down to the next size and I’ll place some hot glue right here on the furthest points you can see how where the paper overlaps itself it almost makes a point and then we’ll place.

That into the next set you have to make sure that.

Glue touches I find that it helps hold things into place if I put.

My thumb right in the middle.

And press it now you can see how subtle that pan pastel barely barely shows up in this succulent you could probably pull the color out a little further you can also go back you want to and just tuck a little bit of color into the petals I’m not doing a lot just a bit here’s our finished succulent and you could use this as is you can glue it onto a wreath or place it into a.

Container but if you want to attach it to something with some wire here’s a little trick that I’d like to do.

I have here a heavier 18 gauge wire I’m cutting about an inch and a half and bending it that’s a 90 degree angle twice so I’m making somewhat of a pin scrap up the paper make sure.

Right width cut it down to the right width slide the piece of paper right there between the wire and I’ll add a nice line of hot glue and then place that right on the back of my succulent and let that cool and this will give you what you need to stick that right into a piece of foam this is ready.

To put into an arrangement for this cycle in I’ve actually cut it out.

Of a pink cardstock and I’ll alter that color quite a bit by adding in the pan pastel this one is called hands a yellow.

Extra dark which is actually kind of a chalky green I’ve cut a six inch wire this is an eighteen gauge if I were making this succulent from a green paper I wouldn’t need to cover it but since it’s pink the first thing I’ll do is take this piece of paper.

And actually roll it around the wire let’s.

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