| Vlog 28 | You Won't Believe The Gucci Store Did It Again!

What’s up guys welcome back to King Mario’s vlogs you guys in YouTube’s channel my name is romário if you haven’t subscribe the channel subscribe down below and hit a like on this video just rolled out of bed right now in a twenty five and what a hop in the shower and head to work we might go back to.

Palm Beach today because I gotta go get a blazer.

From a dance party when I decide I’m gonna block and what happened a shower jet to work.
And never come we’re gonna take you guys with me to Palm Beach yeah.

I’m so tired man I want to go to work right now but I gotta go so let’s do it time to head to work showered just and I should make it in time by 9:30 but I’m gonna go to work give you guys the time lapse in the meantime and then when you get off of work I mean and now we’re gonna hop in the car jump back to West Palm Beach I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog drop a like on this video drop some comments down below what kind of vlogs you.

Guys like to see where we want us to go we might go to Busch Gardens soon and it’s been.

Talking about Gardens maybe after we come back from Atlanta we’re gonna go we’re gonna go to Atlanta maybe in two weeks – three weeks yeah about three weeks and then when you get back.

Still gonna be on vacation so we might go to Busch Gardens or something but yeah let’s go guys say what up what.

Basset is transitioning you say hi to the vlog man that’s all you got are you got it’s not so dead right now come on yes this great time and I’m hungry what are gonna have for lunch something to go in this year’s tummy that’s your boy hungry a boy kind of light today do you know I’m saying why are you hitting me shadi huh but we’re gonna have lunch and after work what I used to let me show me the dress he needs and then I bought a dress and she.

Still haven’t showed it to me I don’t like it so we’re gonna give a bite okay off work now my camera’s off fogged up because it’s raining.
You ready baby we’re gonna pick up an.

Assister yeah Lisa look at the whip what is raining I’ll see you about the house okay so once you pick up this little brat monster and a Nana meanie what’s your name again your name yo so sick um we’re gonna pump guys and I was telling romário that I’m craving chocolate chips and a Hershey’s with almonds the thing that kills Americans the most sugar enough oh she.
Wants that’s what you want that’s what I decide my.

Craving and then we’re gonna go to the gardens yes he buys me today I’m not buy any of anything I’m looking for a blazer from the best part you ready have your outfits up I don’t.
Yes you did oh is that what a thing from here so what you gonna do wear.

White dress my daughter what you suck at vlogging what you suck at vlogging come on hey we’re going into the gas to get ennas sugar and gas for the coffee the ground plum change back to the sexy whip over here this sexy whip over here the sexy whip.

Over here we are at the Gardens Mall got a squad and mini-me you guys if you guys ever trying to find out where the piss Anna up can I.

Show them piss you off can I show him how to piss you’re gonna piss enough get either one left or right hand and just gently or you.