| Vlog 28 | You Won't Believe The Gucci Store Did It Again!

Can do kind of harness okay okay man enough jeez oh sorry sorry I mean to push your hand yeah then that’s the half that happened after boy no such thing hey listen thanks to me come on you go they say this is a syllabus right now right you’re sick though you’re gonna get me sick nevermind what you like it hey that’s my go smells like cat smells like the.

Dior one what is it what is it smells good though flower ball this Victor broke no man smells really good I can the name and they look upon that one side I usually get a bro lower bomb Victoire oh okay providing that you come into the forum turn the block one every.

Channel what might work but highlighter is boring.

Okay that is the same thing in the same spot we’re dancing here and.

There there’s not a difference this is nice montage babe you’re killing the montage get out of my way so we came to express because we thought of ordering the white laser online so.

We came so where Mario can try some on we had one online and I saw them yeah I knew a thing though but anyway that’s one am I gonna go and try them on so you can see which size one probably of Bin’s we’re helping to so – right – but I’m starting one now you’re gonna Joey we’re gonna chase came together cheap we just window I’m.

Down but I’m saying there’s something the other stuff we can help what do you want anybody you want you right now take a little or no yes okay but you gotta be no party yep nothing food right now so we got some behind this team and a photo taken though our doesn’t like her pictures she’s just bad all the cars in this big old parking lot see that see that which ones are sexiest better look at that gold howdy girl look at that car Oh oh.

Look at that ooh what’d you say about my Cocker what’d you say about my car right oh you like that oh you like.

That little details don’t you like the little detail all right you complain too much okay Irene your job what you get paid for it you complain too much did you get paid did you get paid huh are you working for free thank you anyways did a time where we gonna go we just want a cheesecake and I don’t want ski skincare so I guess we’re doing just good.

That doesn’t mean that’s only okay cheesecake it is too late you so we pulled out the cheesecake I’m gonna have dinner never gonna get home and the only doesn’t want to go see a movie so I guess we’re not gonna see a movie we’re gonna chop it up here have dinner then that’s it so.

Thank you for watching guys thank you for tuning in.

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