Pnwfcu's Money Management Tool

Today we’re talking about how to manage your money now I first this can seem to be a little bit daunting because there are so many tools that exist to help you first there are literally tons of books with catchy titles you could keep track of it the old-fashioned way the way your parents used to with pen and paper.

In its many many forms and because of this 2018 you can search the app store and pick between one of hundreds of apps or if you’re a PN WFC you remember you can use our money management tool and let it do all of the work for you as.

You can see money management allows you to link external accounts in this case including a credit card and a car loan from an external financial institution it also keeps track of.

Your spending by automatically dispersing each transaction into an appropriate category you’ve got home.

Travel shopping you can monitor your budget these orbs change color based on how well you’re doing for the month and as you can see for October we’re doing pretty well when we jump over to September you can see.

That we went over our budget by a lot on eating and food and a little bit on the.

Car you can also view specific transactions and help the tool learn by categorizing things that it doesn’t necessarily understand so in this circumstance let’s look at this transaction from the Crystal Ballroom it doesn’t understand that this is actually an entertainment or possibly a food type transaction so we can go through and.

Tell the tool exactly what we wanted to categorize this as you can see categories here and subcategories which help narrow down exactly what you’re looking for but.

In this case because it was Crystal Ballroom which means I was likely there for a show we’re gonna categorize this as entertainment and from now on the tool will understand that anything coming from the Crystal Ballroom needs to be added to entertainment and it will budget and show your spending accordingly for more information really stop by.

One of our branches visit us on the web or call or text us at the number shown thanks see you next time.