Diy – Upper Neck Exercise With Hannah – Valiant Clinic Dubai

Hi guys I’m Hanna welcome to our self-help series you may experience this type of pain when you’ve been sitting at the computer for a long period of time working at your desk where you’re basically looking down a lot you can get quite discomfort in the upper part of the back we’re going to show you an exercise today that.

Can help to manage this type of symptom so what we’d like you to do take if you can please is take your left ear to your shoulder and take it right to the end of your range.

Okay you should feel a little bit of stretching sensation down here hopefully and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to stay there but yeah actually gonna take a little look towards your armpit okay and what you should.

Feel is that stretching sensation goes from the top of the shoulder blade go right up to behind the ear you’re not.
Going to stay there long and then you’re going to come back I would.

Get you to take yourself into that stretching sensation for.

Five repetitions nice and slowly as we can see patients doing if you are particularly painful through this movement don’t take yourself in too tight okay you take yourself into the stretching sensation only and no further you.