Before & After Beauty Supply & Drugstore Beat Face Makeup Look Best Price!

Here I’m social girl April and today’s video is of course on this makeup look that I am rocking today I decided to do some call of color eyes however this is more or less like a beauty supply / drugstore makeup look and first time ever for me ever ever ever using any of the Iman products so I will.

Be featuring that in this video this is their clay press foundation along with its their clay in luminous press foundation and their clay medium pressed powder so I do have two colors here they’re both different one is the luminous and what is the pressed powder so I will be using these this one gives me more.

Or less like a yellowish tone so I only kind of use this on my eyelids just to even a tone up because it’s kind of a yellow color also going to be using some of Iman’s eyeshadows.

Stix I do have six colors so you can basically use them as an eyeshadow primer or you can also use them as an eyeshadow I will be using this one here which is more or less a pearlized color along with that there are some swatches that I have on the back of my hand for each one of them the first.

Two or more or less shimmery and then the other ones kind of go on like a matte color I do.

Like the black one a lot so this is the black one is like really easy to use especially if you want to do like an under-eye smokey or an over top smokey the black one is a really really amazing dark rich color so.

Yes if you’re looking for like a really great eyeshadow pencil or jumbo pencil and.

I will highly suggest the Iman black one right here also I’m going to be featuring some drugstore a beauty supplies store of colors as well this one here is the absolute New.

York brand which I do like a lot their colors are very rich and pigmented for it to be like a beauty supply store brand they do have some really pretty great color payoff along with that I’m going to be using their bronzer and their foundation which is more or less it’s not a full coverage foundation but I do mix this in with one of my foundations so it gives me like really great coverage these you can get really.

Inexpensive every supply stores these I did get from Diva tres come along with the width and I’m rocking and I probably will have the video up for this if not already then I will post a link below and this.
Is the it’s a wig brand and called.

Montesa which is more or less like the sister wig.

A to the Vanessa brand robust wig and I do have a pin back today because it’s super hot on it but yes I did do this look on some of my eye look with this palette right here really pretty and rich vibrant colors if you are looking for some really affordable makeup.

And just definitely check out the absolute gram and along with that I’m also going to be using one of my favorites which is the poreless face defender booster by Malley this one here is really great you get just like local Home Shopping Network or what have you but I like to.

This if I don’t want to put any makeup on my truck.

Don’t want to put foundation on my skin is kind of like dry look and.

Not really dry but kind of bland looking so just to give it a little boost and a little bit of color I do use this as you.

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