11/4/2018 Weekly Announcements

Hey welcome to the river we’re so glad that you’re here doing life together with us and if this is your first time or you just recently started coming we’re honored to have you here with us we’d love to meet you after service and get you a gift just as a thank you for coming so please make sure you.

Stop by the Welcome Center out of the lobby and say hi this past week was our trunk-or-treat community outreach event we had so much fun we want to give a giant thanks to everyone that was involved it took.

A huge group of volunteers to make this event a success but you did it and for those that donated candy trunk-or-treat would not have been the same without your support it’s always so awesome to see the entire River family come together they reach our community so.

Thanks for your time efforts and commitment to sharing the love of Jesus with.

Every person that came through our doors coming up this Saturday flourish women’s ministry is hosting a special event that you won’t want to miss it’s called she creates and it’s all about getting ready for the upcoming holidays there will be a full hands-on instructional on creating a beautiful centerpiece that you’ll get to take home as well as professional instruction on the perfect presentation of a gift cost of $20 per person so grab a friend and get signed.
Up it’s happening this Saturday November 10th at 10 a.

Right around the corner and we’re getting excited for our yearly family service on November.

20th every year for the week of Thanksgiving we move our normal Wednesday night service to Tuesday and bring the entire family into service.

Together it’s always such a special time of celebrating the goodness of God how great he is and everything he’s done for us so remember we won’t be having Wednesday night service on November 21st but come join us instead on Tuesday.
the Genesis project is a local ministry that is.

To helping the victims of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in our area and the river is proud to help support their mission coming up.

In just a couple weeks the Genesis project is hosting their yearly auction fundraiser a night of Hope this is a dinner and auction Gala they’ll be raising funds to benefit their drop-in center and emergency shelter we encourage you to check it out and get involved a night of hope is happening Saturday November 17th and you can find all the details at the Welcome Center or at Genesis now org the river is hiring we’re looking to fill a part time spot on our maintenance and custodial team so if you want.

To be a part of our awesome church staff and make a real impact in the operations of the church we want to hear from you this position is just a couple evenings a week and you.

Can apply at the Welcome Center or at the church office during business hours we will for to working with you and one more thing we just want to give you a little heads up I’m something super exciting that we’re launching next week if you ever feel like you have a really hard time staying connected knowing what’s going on and communicating with ministry leaders and others and your volunteer and connect groups then get ready for the river connection.

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