Rhcf Announcements: November 4, 2018

Good morning and welcome we’re glad you came to Rock Harbor this morning whether you’re a regular attender here or it’s your first time with us we’d love it if you could take the yellow card that’s in your bulletin and fill that out to let us know you were here and if there’s something on your heart you’d like to.
Share with our pastors or our staff that is a great way to do it.

Well I don’t know how it works in your household but in mine we always seem to prepare for a flood.

Of trick-or-treaters and every year we end up with a tiny trickle like three or four that come to our door which means my willpower is now put to the test for the next several weeks as I deal with leftover candy being all over my house it’s tough it’s.

All I can think about it’s everywhere piles and piles of candy you might say mounds and mounds of.

It I should focus on this instead filling my Operation Christmas Child shoebox with items that will be sent to an impoverished area of the world so a child can open it and.

Share in the joy of Christmas there’s still time to pick up a box and return it to Rock harbor by the November 18th deadline and once again this year Rock Harbor is our area’s relay Center the drop-off location for thousands of shoeboxes during national collection week volunteers are needed so check your bulletins for the opportunities available and right shoe box on your yellow card if you can help I know I shouldn’t.

Let candy be such a temptation for me the reasons against it are good and plenty there’s no Milky Way it’s good for my health and it’s not cheap either every.

Broke tail painted but at some level it must bring me all.

Men joy because every time I.

Try to throw it out it slips right through my hands I’m such a butterfingers.

Guys don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers attend the monthly mints breakfast this Saturday at Rock Harbor where you could start your weekend with awesome food amazing friends and more all. and everybody mark your calendars for Sunday December 9th for pastor Randy’s final workshop of 2018 it’s called cultivate your quiet time all about making the most of your personal devotional time with the Lord to RSVP right workshop on your yellow card or sign up on the Rock Arbor.

App or website be sure and check your bulletin for all the other upcoming events here at Rock Harbor including our women’s Christmas Bazaar next month and how you can help our Mexico mission team when they return to Ensenada.

In January it’s all in here so be sure and read up and you’ll all be a bunch of Smarties sometimes I do these jokes and all I get is a few Snickers but hey you know at least my kids think I’m funny they think they’re pop.

Rocks of course they’re they’re nerds so what are you gonna do hey that’s about enough out of me thanks so much for being here again and enjoy the rest of the service you.

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