Breaking News Tekashi69 And Kanye West Getting Shot At

Yo what’s up its your boy car sino here live and uncut I’m sitting there chilling decked out in the Golden State outfit we’ve been out here kickin it man we’ve been out at kicking it crazy crazy today is snowing for the first time since early edition chill out now chill out chopsticks first time in a long time you.

Know so I’m gonna tell you like this tonight things got a little crazy.

Yes tonight actually about an hour ago they were filming at a video they own a video set at a house and Takashi 6:9 and Kanye West got shot it straight up they’re out in Cali they’re out in LA someplace in Cali Cali dudes if he up like yo see no a shadow Takashi’s a roadside hey like for real real.

Son I mean I don’t the thing is this when you this the guy has done so many lies the man is told so many lies you can’t believe or trust anything that he says or anything that’s around him he does.

So much trolling then it’s like home they do it all for attention off the Higgs all for whatever the little glory or whatever throw there’s no glory in being.

Gay you know what I’m saying you die for at all there’s no there’s no glory in dying because he was dissing a guy on the Internet you know I’m saying that.

It’s there like the language thing that go fuck you know what I’m saying then I shoot Kanye.

Is filming a video with Takashi 6:9 and I guess Nicki Minaj is in the video too cuz you know she needs.

The money so she needs the attention and the money so she wants to do anything right now so she wants to be in the video with Takashi.

And Kanye West and Nikki they suppose have been working on some.

Song and I guess it’s gonna debut on the album that Takashi got coming out and whatever setting within the beyond was shot up Kanye.

And Takashi wasn’t hurt but the shooting did happen it’s in Cali this is real not fake Kanye West was in the house and if he wasn’t there yet but there was a shooting at the set now here’s the thing was it staged the yg and the slim 400 people did they come down there and just so they can get attention and build.

Themselves up do trolling I don’t I don’t know I’m not a fan of that I’m not I’m so not a fan of that and definitely yg don’t need that and I’m.

Not gonna put that on him because that guy got a list a line going around the corner but people that don’t like him you know I don’t like his music I don’t anything about this dude like.
Like the worst thing in hip-hop history cuz he can’t rap he don’t rap.

He don’t do anything besides troll so I’m like well he’s just somebody that should be on social media why is this guy like the new it thing and everybody’s like.

Supporting him you know that’s the problem that is the main problem Oh No it’s blood on the dance floor oh there’s the movies.
I forgot I rented some movies tonight I went out kickin it.

With the strippers strippers in the club holes I would agree did they get there um I would like a large chili would you like cheese and onions no cheese and onions oh yeah what else.

Can I get let me get a small chocolate shake and a grilled cheese do you like fries with that no fries all right with of you three there’s that.

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