November 4th Announcements

Good morning first Church I hope everybody enjoyed their extra hour of sleep last night I know I did but it’s time to get awake and we’re gonna get moving into the announcements today so we can get on the service first up team t1 is going to be having a meeting after church today your deposit is due so we.

Need you to have that ready for us today it is due today so team T wants meeting after church for that coming up on November 16th and the 17th is going to be our reignite revival services we’re gonna.
Be having the Olsen brothers come and give us a good word.

On the Holy Spirit it’s gonna be a great time that’s November 16th and the 17th and speaking of reignite.

We also need people to help with child care for that so if you’re interested in helping with the child care services for that event talk to Kanani Lemke and get involved and then coming up.

Also in November we’re gonna be having a baptism Sunday it’s gonna be on November 18th there is a sign up in.

The foyer get signed up for that if you want to be a part of that it’s a great time you’ll it’s great you’ll enjoy it so and then also we have an opportunity to bless a little boy named Gabriel he’s two years old he and his parents attend a point of grace I don’t want to give away too much information because we’re gonna be showing this awesome video right after I get done blabbering on so pay attention to that video thank you very much first.
Church I don’t have anything else to say let’s show that video..

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