Aries Love Tarot "they Sense Something Is Off And Aren't Pleased" Oct 25th 26th 2018

Welcome Aries to your next two days this is gonna be your love reading and it’s gonna be from a Thursday and Friday all right we want to see what’s going on with your energy all right let me go shuffle a little bit more okay see what’s going on thank you full moon second house of earn income self-worth you.

Know maybe many opportunities a job could have been ending where you could have found a.

New way to approach manifesting uh material wealth in your life so let’s see what’s going on in love so what’s coming towards.

You with energy who might be coming towards your next two days Thursday and Friday so ever you might be dealing with from that purse.

Is not happy with the connection so if there is a happy relationship well but this is the happy relationship we’re happy home this is the lack thereof so the home the.

Environment the person that you might be with if it’s a marriage relationship they’re not happy with how things are going on let’s clarify the cup silver version there is an injustice and I feel like.

Feels like someone is not being straightforward or someone is not being honest vice versa that’s why there is a unhappiness there some justify.

Unjustified things going on by just observer so we have um so constantly thinking about something which is conflictual someone is dealing with conflict which they’re not really addressing um and it could be hidden so it does indicate some missed opportunities as someone is walking away from something and there are delays because there is heartbreak in a situation that may have been.
Going on for a while and it seems like what someone can’t.

See is the good that can become of things but not until someone is to address a certain matter and I feel like they are so you have an MSA to five bonds here you’ve got a five of cups.

To the temperance which is five as well so a lot of issues of confrontation and their struggle something that’s going on either you.

Know about it your partner might know about it something is going over someone it’s not happy about a conflict that’s going on and we’ve made sure what might your response be.

In this situation next today so you might be just home trying to think about what’s going on now this could be.

Some energy that’s following you now this is the queen of Pentacles Capricorn Virgo Taurus that you might be dealing with it doesn’t have to be but it could be anyone that you might be around but trying to just focus on nurturing and taking care.

Of yourself or it could be with your romantic partner but there might be some issues that’s going on especially if you feel like there’s an outside source or someone.

Stepping outside a relationship a marriage that could affect your connection and so like all right but I do feel like the next two days you might be just home maybe recharging resting doing different things working whatever it might be so what might be or what might be your partner’s or love interest.

Response so they may be either walking away and planning or they’re trying to plan with you someone is trying to plan something and it seems like to me if you look at this you see like you might be having your hair down kind of quiet thinking about you know money or thinking about something that’s more comfortable right now the other person is kind of looking out into the distance and not really sure of which you could be thinking completely so it seems.
Like you might be kind of holding things back hiding.

Something let’s see what might be advice because for the next two days to try that fun alright the page of Wands is here and it tells you to disconnect from things that might be too heavy or hectic there could be invitations and.

Things coming out too to use so maybe accept those invitations and I’m try to just have the time in some form or fashion alright let’s.

Now the page of Wands could be something that’s.

Creative alright because we did speak about money and career things like that could be on your mind and something creative something that you actually like alright now what is the potential outcome next today so there’s something new something new someone new or some kind of new spark that you might be thinking about that you want to act on but you might not really be able to do.

It’s in its younger stages it’s not something that’s completely planned out just clarify the Ace of Wands yeah it’s a seems like a relationship or in his children you got three children showing up I’m relationship with children and.

You have a unhappy say Capricorn Virgo Taurus and you got a Pisces Scorpio cancer which is upright which is a bit more.

Happier more playful more energetic and there could be issues of loans.

Not working out someone borrowing money money not going we’re not receiving enough money to do what you actually want to do so issues like that could be coming about it just depends their dough but um often as well the next two days it could be you putting out money to do something to plan.

In the event or something like that.

And accept the net but it could have a an issue with which you need to do when it comes to your love relationship in some way.

Could be um the birth of a child you might.

Be thinking about that having a new child your partner.

Might be on board they might not be it just.

Depends there but there is some kind of invitation it could also be ain’t nothing reviewing it could be but um a.

A wedding or something like that that could be planned for some of the engagement all right so let’s see this one want to do justice from the fairies lawyers see this fairies next two days so it’s this autumn it says in the fall season.

Everything comes together and you reap a wonderful harvest of abundance so that could be right now we approach a winner but that could be energy things that might be unfolding in a positive way right now but some of you could take a whole year you know around you know running around again to this timeframe of things that that might change in a positive way when it comes to your relationship.

Because you might be making news and making changes all right I see one more then we have winner all right.

So so that is right back to back right neck the neck mrs. um the answers to your prayers and affirmations are fully realized in the winter months so for some it might be right now for others it might be a month and a half a little bit later or a few months maybe next year to start of next year so it just depends.

Some of you might be thinking about manifesting something in your life it could be money could.

Be a love relationship things that you want to work out even removing yourself from something that’s not stable or you’re not really happy with.

So there’s gonna be a reading I hope the messages did help out in some way lots of love lots of light to tons of family bobs you can always go to the website psychic love feels calm schedule something for you have a go.

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