11-5-18 Announcements

Ethan smith here student council president at their event is course student council historian the Fall Fair this year was the success we hope all the students had a wonderful time at the dance we are excited to announce that this year we will be donating $200 to FA re food allergy research and education thank you good morning Griffins today.

Is Monday and on the Murphy and Anissa be leg I’m Cindy and I’m Emma and we’re here with your latest Lincoln Park news all layers of the boys soccer team need to return their uniforms to miss rush knock in room one please return them.

Clean and inissia right back the boys soccer team will also have their postseason pizza party on Wednesday November 7 after-school need a PR firm 3 from 3 o clock to 3:45 we stop by mrs. Russian ops room to sign up keep the donations for Thanksgiving food drive coming you have until Wednesday auditions for the talent show will be head will be held Wednesday through January 9th after school sign up for ian’s editions audition time with mrs.

Decided what you like to prepare the Lincoln Park Police Department was here on Friday to play against a fifth grade basketball as part of Red Ribbon Week celebration here is that OPPD with a special enough about coach Clemmensen this is a star player Scott Ganz we have Linkin Park police as most of you.

Lincoln Park police easily easily beat the fifth graders it wasn’t even a challenge I was.

Not smoke them crush them all right listen guess the only question left is is if the 8th graders have the courage to step up and try and take on this right here calling you out 8th grade you give us a place and the time it’s not going to happen but it’s not gonna happen but you know yeah this one is will sick people.

Good morning Griffins now that November is in full swing I just want to tell you why mr. Dodie cheats several of the male teachers are participating in no-shave November. Doty this is when men get lazy and refused to shave so that we can raise awareness about.

Cancer and raise money for cancer research but the rules clearly state that you must begin November clean-shaven and grow.
Facial hair only during November have you seen mr.

Boddy he is obviously cheating thank you thanks listen we over.

The weekend got the bright face of Brooke Mars and all mostly in Alvin saliĆ³ ski and today we have to break down that broom.
Nerve happy birthday and now.

Time for lunch with Chiara thanks girls and today for lunch we have french toast sticks with syrup turkey sausage and hash browns or a meatball.

Parm panini or boneless wings with dipping sauce and a dinner roll the green plastic day.

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