Announcements Nov 4, 2018

Hey Church family my name is Jared and here are some ways we can live out being Richmond Baptist we have been interpreting our morning sermons into four languages what an exciting thing this is as we break down barriers preventing people from encountering the good news of God and growing in their faith we are in need of a few.

People to assist in the ministry with setup.

And some hospitality as people get and return the interpretation devices this is primarily nonverbal role so language isn’t a barrier to serving if you are interested in knowing more about how you can assist in this ministry please talk to me or fill out a green connect card God has blessed us abundantly that comes with a responsibility we will be having our annual budget meeting on.

Sunday November 18th at 11:45 a.

please join us as we financially prepare to carry out.

The mission God has entrusted to us throughout 2019 we have been continuing to grow numerically.
Trying to be faithful in sharing the love of Jesus to our community.

Continued growth and to make sure that the number of seats is never an obstacle to the gospel message we will be starting a third service we will now have two morning services one at 9:30 a.

and one at 11:15 and and we will still be having our evening service at 6:00 p.

Obviously this will affect our Sunday morning routines but I’m confident that the mission of God is much bigger than our routines each of us Sunday morning people will have to decide which option we will belong to this transition will begin on November 25th I’m excited to see how God can use us through this transition to reach new people with the good news of Jesus well that’s.

All for today as always please look at the bulletin and check us out online for more information you.

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