Ram Tv 11/5/18 "scooting" The Monday Announcements

Good morning highland ram it’s Monday November 5th I’m Haley slack and I’m cat Cogan let’s see you after the pledge hey Highland what’s up it’s Zach here and Caden we please stand and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands.

One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all thank you you may now.

Be seated g club has raised more.

Than 900 dollars for the UNICEF eliminate project this year miss covered ales class took first with 232 and dollars and 85 cents that is a lot and mr. Carlson’s class was a close second with a two hundred and two dollars with 51 cents thank you so much for everyone who was donate thanks guys good job if you want to change your schedule for second trimester please go before the fight before finals week or on the first day.
Of finals before school or at lunch you can also go on record day at 8:30.
to noon intramural basketball is starting on the three on three games again we need one more team to represent the faculty the.

Games are held every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch and the league starts to morrow there is an there’s an FFA meeting on Wednesday.
And there will be Donuts so go get.

Donuts free donuts guys freshmen York and drop-offs are in mrs.

demyx room b23 Berger’s room b5 Terrell’s room.

B 68 and Long’s room be 19 and also there’s Roberts room which is B 17 there’ll be a rock climbing club meeting on Thursday at 5:00 p. and be 74 so go go go go go go here’s the lunch menu for the day what’s up guys it’s Emily here with cherish and we’re gonna do your lunch for today so in the main line it’s gonna be turkey pot roast potatoes.

And gravy and a roll with butter in.

The fast-food line there is pepperoni.

And cheese pizza or cheeseburger and calzone with Sun Chips and Cheetos and in the deli line it’s gonna be a deli sandwich with.

Some chips wow that sounds so good now for the.

Random thought of the day did you know that if you bonk your head against a.

Wall for an hour you burn a hundred and fifty calories let’s go to James with his decade thought so Natalie Merchant and Cyndi Lauper are.

Gonna be having a concert together now it’s a big wonder how.

That happened but hey I guess girls just want to.

Have fun and now time for RAM TV sports for sports today Highland boys basketball tryouts are November 12th and 13th in the big gym for November 12th boys freshman is 4 to 6 p. and JV is also 6 to 8 and for the 13th freshmen is 4 to 6 and varsity and JV are 6 to.

8 again also the Highland Globetrotters are coming to Highland tomorrow at 7 so be there or be square welcome Highland fam this is the Monday weather for you it’s going to be cloudy with highs around 45 the winds will be in the west southwest direction of 10 to 20 miles per hour so have.

Your coat silent check out these scooters tricks from Conley hey guys I just filmed this video about scootering and scooter doings pretty not known and it’s pretty fun so I think you should try it sometime and check this video out yeah Wow Conley that was extremely cool that was dope I hope you never.

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