Special Announcements.

Okay yup video coming out right now so what’s up my dude it’s moving qua here with the third video but it’s like not really entertainment it’s more like special announcements and whatsoever I promised I’d make a video a week but I didn’t have the time plus like honestly I just didn’t have like an idea of what I should.

Do for a video basically I’m just making this video to make.

Announcements about my stream schedule at my YouTube schedule I’m planning on posting a video a week and my stream schedules are normally on Tuesdays Fridays and sometimes Saturdays besides that I’m going to talk about on fortnight player league when we play early is where like all the professional scrim players like TSM phase when they play scrims where you see like clips where like in the end circles like forty other.

People and not whatsoever I’m starting to participate with that I create a team team complex and we’re starting in the open League so we’re hoping to build.

Up to the intermediate league and.

Into the champs where we could play professionally alright so that’s all I have to make for this video make sure to LIKE subscribe and stay tuned for next week’s video.

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