November 5 Announcements

One day I mean I’m Austin please stand and say the Pledge with us and to the Republic for which it stands one nation welcome to Thanksgiving trivia today’s trivia question is which Indian tribe did the will groom celebrate Thanksgiving with please bring your answers to the media center on a sheet of paper with your answer your name and.

Your teacher’s name we will draw the winner on tomorrow’s announcements good luck everyone today’s lunch choices are Big Daddies pizza PB&J bento to go or ham and.

Cheese chef’s salad there are many ways you can express your appreciation for others you can use words good job you can use facial expressions you can use hand just you can write notes thanks for something you appreciate they have done.

Only three school days into Little Book Fair starts are you ready for a word up we’re getting close to States a million words congratulations we congratulate all of the fourth and fifth graders who made on roll straight A’s and perfect attendance by VDB n which is you a great day and it reminds you.

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