My Worship Playlist 2018 *emotional*

Oh gosh why am i crying I’m sorry hi guys welcome back to my channel today is going to be a video that I’ve actually kind of wanted to do for a while but I’ve been kind of scared to do it because I didn’t know how people would react and then finally I was like you know what I’m gonna.

Do it because I shouldn’t care what other people think and before we get into this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and comment what your.

Favorite worship songs are because.

I would love to know so let’s get into the video so if you don’t know me then you probably don’t know that I love elevation worship and Hillsong which I mean I know it’s.

But I love them I just love how like relaxing.

It is and you’re like it just makes me feel calm if there’s like something that’s going on that’s crazy and hectic and my life is just like scattered in like various ways which usually is every single week it.

Just helps me to like calm down.

And relax and know that like I’m not alone and I can do this so probably one of my favorite songs is oceans but I’m not gonna share that because I’m sure that a lot of you guys already know it it’s.

So popular and it actually like kick-started Hillsong but uh sure a different Hillsong song Hillsong song it’s called so will I it’s like one of the songs that we sing in youth group and it just makes me so happy to hear everybody else singing with me I just love this song because it’s like creations like actually singing his phrases the stars were made to worship the rocks were made to worship the.

Trees everything were made everything was made to worship if you guys haven’t actually seen a louie giglio video I totally recommend going and.

Watching his videos they aren’t amazing it’s like insane how cool that is so just look.

Up louie giglio he has so many videos by the way I got this video idea from milena sick Coty I don’t know how to say your last name but it’s like milena with a seed you guys should definitely go check her channel.

Out she is like the first person that I saw do this kind of this type of video so I will actually link her channel in the description so please go watch her videos I love them so much she’s such a great role model she’s pregnant which also.

This is so exciting anyway you guys should go check her out she’s an awesome youtuber the next song is the breakup song from Francesca betta silly and actually my friend.

Showed me this song first and I was like hold on this song is so good so I have to check with you guys so I’m just gonna say so basically if that song is I mean it’s called the breakup song so it’s like you’re breaking up with fear and you’re like no thanks goodbye get out of my life you’re not welcome here and so yeah I just really love that because it’s basically.
Like a really confident song where you’re like.

I’m standing firm I am not letting fear get in the way I’m doing everything that I am called to do with no fear so basically it’s just like a very empowered song and I love it so the next song is a new song and it’s called you say by lauren Dingle I guarantee a lot of you guys have heard it if you haven’t I definitely recommend going to check it out I love this song so much and you’ll know why.

After I play it so here we go yes oh that song is so good it basically says you are known you are held you are his you are loved at the beginning of the song it says.

I’ve been fighting voices that say I’m not enough what the world tells you they and says that you’re not enough it’s it’s not true because God says in the Bible we are.

Enough we are his and so that makes us enough we don’t have to fight to be enough we don’t have to earn our way to be enough for him because we’re already enough for him and I love that song because like whenever you’re going through a hard time whenever you feel rejected by someone you’re not enough for someone else when you feel like you’re not enough for someone else oh gosh why am i crying I’m sorry um he tells you that you.

Are not and you are loved the next song is tremble by mosaic and I love this song especially the Spanish version I’m gonna show you both but I love the Spanish versions the darkness that you may be feeling where you’re so scared and you don’t know what to do because you.

Are like terrified of what’s to come or the future or the past or whatever.

You’re terrified you can know he silences the fear he brings it all to peace the storm that surrounds you he brings.

It all to peace and then the Spanish version is so much fun to sing it’s so smooth it’s like one of the smoothest.

Spanish songs I’ve ever heard.

In my life because I have heard quite a few Spanish songs but they’ve been kind of like really like facts and I like can’t keep up with it but I love this one again it’s saying the same exact.

Thing except in Spanish I just think it’s really awesome and the.

Next song is reckless love and I sing it at my youth group a lot and I love.

It so much so here it is I love that song because it says oh the overwhelming never-ending reckless love of God oh it chases me down fights so I found leaves in 99 so it’s like no matter what we can’t get away from God’s love there’s no way in heck that we’re going to be able to run away from God like no matter how far we go no matter how how much we try to distance ourselves from him he’s always there and he’s always pursuing us.

Not in a creepy way but in a loving way and then it says I couldn’t earn it I don’t deserve it but still you give yourself away it’s like we don’t deserve it we’ve done so many things we have like gone the farthest away that you could think of from God that we wouldn’t even be surprised if.

He just was like alright I’m done you guys have done just too many things you guys are little buttholes that I’m just gonna leave but he doesn’t he doesn’t care what we’ve done he still loves us what’s just crazy so I love us off so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and you got something out of it even if you guys have.

Heard this song before I hope you heard it in a new way because songs can speak to you just randomly even if you’ve known them forever and then you just like you’re in a certain spot in your life or you’re like wow I actually needed that part of that song so I.

Hope you guys got something out of it if you guys liked the video please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe down below so you can join the family I would love for you guys to be here and if you guys have any worship songs that you enjoy and are your favorites please comment them down below I would love.

Them so thanks for watching I love you guys and I will see you in next week’s you.

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