Jackson Announcements For 11/9/18

Hey guys welcome to another fabulous day at Jackson please make sure that you have your school IDs and your agendas on all day long for every single class please may remember to do the champs in every single class also make sure that we always are super super positive and we’re always so happy to be here k positive vibes.

Positive day positive life hey guys just another quick shoutout to boys basketball both teams picking up victories again last night against Kennedy now we have a little bit of time off before an X game at Harrison next week for B team and nothing for a team until after Thanksgiving good job boys keep working hard go.

Jags here are the roots of the week dorm meaning sleep examples dormitory dormancy Dorma t’v dormant daya meaning through between examples diagnosis dialogue diarrhea diagonal honor society meets every Thursday during a MV lunch and room 508.

Check out the awesome clubs at Jacksonville school supercomputing challenges every Monday CMS Lunsford for more detail homework club is every Monday and Wednesday in mr.

maybe this room room 112 from 315 to 415 we’ll.

See you there hey everyone come join coding Club on Tuesday from.

350 to 450 meet Miss Len three room 108 from our detail be a part of Bible Club it’s every Tuesday from 3:10 to 4:15 in portable 506 see you there any luck mr.
Cogburn I wish I was away I knew how to.

Catch more fish fishing club starts the wearer 28 with me a New Mexico game of fish in room 203 Hot Diggity you know Snoop Dogg once.

Said if you know general math you’ll only make general.

Money come to math club so you can learn how to make more money and if you’ve got a D or an F in your math class get your ass to math club Tuesdays and Thursdays c15 4:15 scigirls will be meeting Wednesday and Thursday miss Lunsford’s room 108 for 3:10 to 4:40 hey guys ela tutoring is every Thursday from 3:15 to.
4:15 bring your interactive.

Notebooks and meet me in room 114 remember.

Everyone be nice to others what’s up guys thank you all for not wearing your backpacks and I hope all of you have a great have a great lunch guys boom hi there are you a.

New student to Jackson or would you like to make some more friends please join us on Fridays during a and B lunch in the patio area in front of the cafeteria for friendship Fridays we’ll have games and music hope to see you there.

Do you want to be in the place where I accepted there safestone lunch meeting every Thursday during a MV lunch in the counseling office if you have any questions ask my make sure to follow the Jackson middle school Twitter account to.

A world where once in a while Roberto gets to the right Roberto we’re not playing Red Rover anymore get to the right make sure you pick up your treasure at lunch and leave Jax in a better place and here we have massage.

And our natural habitat the gum tree.

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