Three Announcements

You guys asked for it you guys asked for the announcement for you well here it is soon coming soon eeveelutions the series now I just need to do the script for it but it’ll be done soon I’m telling you that’s just one of the announcements sir I’m just going to give you a little tour of the evaluations thing.

If you don’t know what the Aleve elute is a relation thing is it’s a new series I’m about to do and anyway three announcements new series eeveelutions Parklawn the.

Darts people who don’t like.

Pokemon well why don’t you anyway this is it this amazing place I’m gonna give you guys the tour and some backstory maybe primer anyway as I said three announcements first one evolution announcement Oh deviation announcement as I said sorry about that very thing on will be doing evolution so anyway that’s like the die wearing this is kitchen I mean nothing.

Kitchen dining room what did I do it again I really need to carry some of those along with me oh those already that up so this this.

This happens our work in progress sorry guys I try okay that’s right sorry I might as well do you the second announcement I’m here a.

Second announcement it’s not really an announcement it’s a question a I’m asking.

You to do something you view is sorry if you if any of you out there a good at making minecraft skins please donate your skins to.

Me because I don’t look that amazing right now I’m just a default Alex skin and we got like never won here is our bomb room right over there yeah and then I’ve got another another.

Things chanting burn storage furnace room and bathroom kind of anyway so it’s evolutions evolutions of Eevee basically and in the series I’m going to be ex beyond the main cast is easy and I said.

I’m gonna be doing multiplayer at by 50 likes.

I mean subscribes but we’re not doing that because I’m nice so as I said Espeon and Jolteon sorry this is SPM Jolteon sperm here is EP and a sylveon’s room we got meeting rooms yeah family meeting and then we got Leafeon legs down.

From Clarion Vaporeon the twins room and yeah that’s pretty much it anyway here’s some of the back story on this eeveelution sisters I’m a second oldest oldest sylveon and our parents died tragic right and they left an egg with us we don’t know what’s the egg will be what will hatch out of it or how here it is and yeah so this is kind of like the grave out mom it’s nine tails dad is zorak because I kind.

Of look like we believe anyway I mean in one of the episodes I meet Umbreon you know what Brooklyn Eagle Asians fan out where Espeon and Umbreon kind of have a thing thing anyway third.

Announcement I said skin announcement please do a skin for this alyc skin they could Bowl and back-nine announcement is drumroll please honestly I have bad memory I forgot let me just come back to me so I’ve got eeveelutions skin announcement hmm I have a bad memory.

Sorry guys I probably owe next announcement better the best one yet I am going.

To be posting my videos every afternoon yeah that’s right moreover yours every single afternoon except Thursdays and Sundays now I’m doing this for you guys because some of you asked we need some of us.

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