Morning Announcements 11-9

Sell my news team News team right here man good morning Grafton High School I’m Kevin Young and this is Rachel Wagner please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all this.

Year’s lions club contest will be held on November 14th in school in the room B 206 the topic is integrity what does it look like if you are interested in participating please see your English.

Teacher for more details there are monetary prizes at each stage of the competition fcl will be having a meeting this Friday November 9th during during extended block in mrs. rasa COTS room happy birthday to Joseph we as load Anita Vicky Alice Martinez Lea Adams from Mackenzie bacon Nathaniel Briggs Jonathan are evolved Acuna an Amir Khan and generally today is the last day to turn in your form to join the bowling club here’s a look at the class color competitions from homecoming week congratulations to the seniors for achieving first place.

During Homecoming Week now here’s the weather with our wonderful weatherman Kevin Young aka myself I felt once it’s me.

Again your weather reporting host Kevin here to do the weather the weekend for this weather is looking pretty swell if I do say so myself haha this weekend is kicking off to a great start because it’s going to be cold.

And rainy tonight the humidity is going to be high because there’s water coming out of the sky and since humidity has to do with the amount of.

Moisture in the air and water is moist it’s going to be humid Saturday looks like is this gonna be as good since it’s gonna rain all day long except it’s not because it’s not.

Gonna rain since the weather forecast changed and it’s going to be partly cloudy what a good day our stargazing and Christmas shopping with aunty Debbie just like last week Sunday is going to be just as swell the whole day is gonna be mostly sunny so it’s going.

To be good good picnic day because it’s going to be mostly sunny since the Sun is going to be mostly out the thermostat is going to hover around a nice cozy and comfortable 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit all weekend long well that’s all for me folks look out for.

Me next week when I return with next week’s forecast thanks for watching the weather and this has been the weather with the bestest greatest and goatest weather weather reporting host Kevin we will be doing a fall sports roundup if you have pictures videos or any information you want included please contact Tyler comfort or mr.

Wallace that’s all for today thanks for watching Grafton high news you.


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