Friday Nov. 9th – Cahs Announcements

The good morning Connellsville today is Friday November 9th 2018 now we please rise for the Pledge I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under justice for all good morning my name is Alicia lessman and I am a freshman mentor and my name is Robert.

Setliffe and our freshmen did not show up today for hash tag kindness campaign the freshmen class will be doing a mix it up at lunch where they will be.

Switching seats that sounds fun mmm I think we should do that we are asking students to move out of their comfort zones and connect with someone new over lunch we encourage everyone grades 9 through 12 to get to know someone outside of their normal friend group let’s see how Mr Elmo and mr. Plouffe enjoy the kindness campaign you’ll probably think that you are better now don’t take your pictures thank you Robert and.

Keep the hugs going no you have you considered working in the Union after graduation the heat and frost insulators Union the skilled laborers Union in the operating engineer and mechanics Union are now accepting applications for their apprentices apprenticeship programs sorry outs big word stop and see mrs.
mcclain for more information the adopted grandparent group will visit.

The care home next Tuesday November 13th not Thursday but Tuesday if you would like to attend the visit please sign up in room 228 Somerset Trust Company is sponsoring a Technology Fair this Saturday November 10th from 10. at the Somerset trust train station complex under the tent 904 West Crawford Avenue this is open to every collinsville.

Soon there will be interactive so showcase of cutting edge financial technology you you can get picture with Doc Brown’s DeLorean from Back to the Future there will be drone flights and an escape room virtual.

Reality rollercoaster ride delicious food and drinks and much more stop by the CHS business department and Technology department table to check out our students projects that was a long one yes your turn now the.

College visits for today Friday November 9 will include WVU in room 121 seniors only and time to be announced Friday November 9th Penn State Eberly second period in room 121 free application day students bring a charge Chromebook seniors.
Only you must request a transcript prior to the visit and bring it to.
mcclain if you need a transcript along the C AHS history Club will be hosting a.

Craft and vendor show on Saturday November 10th in the high school cafeteria from 11 a.

Vendors homemade crafts baked goods Baskar apples 5050 concessions and gift wrapping.
Club and take care of some Christmas shopping all in.

One day you want to go mmm no yes and now we will have a special commercial from the senior class play why is it I.

Playing if I do say so myself why director you doing that well Jethro I reckon work foreman next week oh I.

Forgot about that he’s at the one that coastal area Senior High School Auditorium yeah oh hi folks come and see the Beverly Hillbillies on November 15th.

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