Morning Announcements: November 9, 2018

A Mustang fans tonight is the night the Mustangs for the second year in a row our district champions and that means they are ready for the playoffs they’ll be hosting not just anybody but the West Orange Warriors in a rematch of the only regular season loss the Mustangs would like to set that right and they’ll have a chance.

To do so tonight at 7:30 at Baptiste Orthodontics Stadium and then if they win they’ll have an opportunity to maybe get a rematch.
With the apopka blue Tartars or if.

Not them the Oviedo Lions regardless of the opponent it would.

Be a home game because the Mustangs have earned home-field advantage throughout the regional tournament here you can see the possible opponents if the Mustangs should get to round 3 now if you’re not able to join us in person you can also or with the NFHS network app on your Apple or Android device just make sure you set that.
Up in advance because you will need to.

Register an account some things to know before you go parking is limited make.

Sure you arrive early and if you can carpool are gonna ride that would be better also remember no backpacks or large bags inside the stadium if you bring.

A person is subject to search and finally admission is $8 and only F HSA State Series passes are accepted so.

Sorry teachers that means that you will have to purchase a ticket as well follow us on facebook twitter and youtube at withouta sports in bookmarklet.
I’ve-i’ve-i’ve us Gamescom for all of your scores schedules and more..

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