November 9, 2018 Morning Announcements

Goodmorning pays pirates today’s Friday November 9th 2018 I’m Sophia on that and I’ll Ron Swoboda please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and the pledge I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all hey Ryan watch out.

Oh touchdown Wow good catch their eye on Thank You Sophia oh and speaking of this football here’s College GameDay followed by gone fishing good morning pace.

Pirates welcome back to week 11 of pace college gameday I’m Kyle Mason and I’m.

Jake Allison the first exciting matchup is number two clubs in at Boston College in the freezing cold weather for Boston College who lit up the upset their offensive line needs to make openings for their top five elite running back a JD Dillon who has an average.8 yards per carry this season in his second in the ACC in rushing yards now the way I see it from Clemson they should use.

Quarters in freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence who has an average of 65 points 6 pass completions and only has been sacked six times this season game two is.

USF Bulls traveling 907 miles to go against the Cincinnati Bearcats USF has a dual threat in the backfield named Jordan cron Crete who is five in the nation for.

Average yards per carry with seven for 18 yards he leads the Bulls and yards per game with an average of 113 yards now since Knight has an elite running back of their.

Own who was my cool pour into the second he was ranked number five for rushing touchdowns he has also averaged five yards per carry and he has ten more touchdowns and dude this is gonna be a great running back game Game three is Oklahoma State Cowboys will travel to play the Oklahoma Sooners this is the 112th time they had met the Oklahoma leads a series of 87 wins 18 losses and seven ties I think Oklahoma State’s defense.

Needs to be on their a-game by stating of quarterback Taylor conference and their offense.
Offense has been very efficient all season including bring.

Back justice Hill he has over 850 rushing yards this season in Oklahoma State’s they have an week Heisman candidate.

Who has over 2,500 yards of passing this season and over 30 passing touchdowns and over five rushing touchdowns and he has been completing 75 percent of his passes his biggest target Markieff Browns will be who eats the Sooners in touchdowns and receptions now let’s bring our you introduce our guest picker miss Schaefer welcome for Miss J / we’re glad you could make it thank you my pleasure let’s get to it Game one Boston College against Clemson Tigers I’m going for Boston College I don’t have to disagree with you go.

Clemson it pains me to say this but what’s Clemson did before an estate last weekend I have to go Clemson game to USF versus isn’t a tea I’m going for USF go bulls my brother along with do you have.

To have some going with that game three Oklahoma State versus Oklahoma I’m going for the Sooners boom sooner I agree seniors have it all right that’s all for this week baseball game day catch you next time go Sooners tonight.

The Washington Wizards play against Erlinda magic at 7:00 p.

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