November 9, 2018 Morning Announcements

Pacers play against Miami Heat at 8:00 p.

the Wizards play against a he at 8:00 p.

tomorrow and on Sunday the Knicks play against a magic at 7:30 p.
in Miami Florida against Georgia Tech at 7 p. the player to watch this week is senior Notre.

Dame quarterback Brandon Wimbush will be starting and placed for injured quarterback Ambo and last year had 1870 passion yards with 16 touchdowns and six interceptions Florida State against Notre Dame at 7:30 p.

And Boston College against Clemson at 8:00. NFL week 10 starts with the Bengals point against the Saints at 1:00 p.

Jacksonville Jaguars against the Colts at 1:00 p. the Redskins against the Buccaneers at 1:00 p.

Against the Dolphins at 4:25 p. in the Rams I guess the Seahawks at 4:25 p. the player to wash this week is undrafted San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Moniz.

Went to college at Southern Mississippi and last week in his first start in a blowout win against the Raiders was 16 for 22 at 260 yards with three touchdowns and zero interception the 49ers get the job on Monday.

Gone fishing and that’s a mess on me talk about.

Lures Greg and bait and also other freshmen as well Greg of the week is a pompano.

Reg a Pompano raikage’s wedding short lady fish catfish buffets and.

Other species also there has to be a wait on the Reg also like a Papa no best bait to use with the pompano rig is shrimp ocean though the.

Best place is Papa no ring any questions email me at em examiner pace right lead or get gone fishing students who are interested in tomorrow’s blood drive from 10 a. please come and support lastly here are the way WR winners quote of the day and birthdays as knowledge increases wonder defense Charles Morgan in honor of mrs.

Like to share a punt for you you ready Sofia I think I am okay what do you call a.

Number that can’t keep still I don’t know all right it is a Roman numeral hope you have an amazing one that’s all for today’s show.

A spire have a wonderful weekend you you.

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