Announcements 11/9/2018

Good morning Smith friends this is mrs.
viking your art teacher today is Friday November 9th 2018 lunch choices for today are cheese pizza or PB&J Uncrustables string cheese and cheeses happy birthday today to preston Whitaker and Kairi Reed happy birthday this weekend – Daisy Smith Aidan Breedlove and Liam Doherty happy birthday everybody lots of birthdays today staff do.

Not put recycling up this morning we will recycle on Monday because of the Veterans Day program reminder we will be following the two hours scheduled today the.

Two hour delay scheduled so things are going to be a little bit different because of the Veterans Day program the Veterans Day program happens today from 10:00 to 10:30 and at 10:30 there’s a Veterans Day reception following the program in.
The library for the veterans and their family members there’s no Gong.

This morning it’ll be at the end of the day today joke of the day I’ve got a good one here the question is if pilgrims travel on the Mayflower then what do college students travel on the scholarships pretty cute I think mrs.

Cheeseman takes all the really good ones and she leaves us the.

Kind of the goods I’ll have to talk to her about that okay remember oh I’ve been another thing thirsty artist of the day Xavier Blair excellent job you were artists of the day of mrs. heck’s class yesterday Seraphina rude I am so proud of you you’ve been at more than once from miss Hill’s class.
And finally he’s hip excellent job Heath good choices people up for mrs.
Krabs class another big congratulations goes to land and KZ he wrote the bottom line for Alexander Calder and.

His writing selection was chosen to go on the wall he’ll join Madeline Martin and Kailyn Maxwell so and we’re currently writing for Pablo Picasso and I can’t wait for that one to go up remember be kind be safe be respectful let’s say the vision together inspiring creating achieved Smith Fine Arts Academy explorers of today leaders of tomorrow at.

This time your teacher will lead you in the pledge to the American flag followed by a moment of silence have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend.

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