My First Pride + Exciting Announcements | Storytime | Madison Paige

I’m doing another story time I’m on the floor game I’ve written out notes again but I’m pretty sure similar to last time I’m going to forget my notes entirely and just wing it you’ll see how it goes everybody welcome and welcome back to my channel my name is Madison page and let’s just jump into the video so today’s.

Video as you can tell by the title I am doing a story time on my first pride experience I also have some exciting announcements which I will be putting at the end of this video so stay tuned for that I’m also announcing.

The giveaway winner the winner already knows who they are because I messaged them today before I found this just.

In case they like backed out at the last minute and then I’d have to extend the giveaway even longer but they didn’t they super excited so I will announce who they are to you guys a bit later so I’ve done a few lgbtq+ whatever type videos on this channel my first ones were coming out the second was the bisexual.

Tag and now this as I mentioned in my bisexual tag there’s not really a lgbtq+ community where I currently live which is my hometown they’re obviously.

LGBTQ plus people hi but not really like a whole community we don’t really do pride events you have to search high and low to find like a group of some kind but last year when I lived in Wellington you couldn’t.

Walk five seconds down the street without saying like a drag queen or a same-sex couple holding hands and it was just the greatest thing ever so last year I had the pleasure of going to my first proud of him now I do want to preface this by saying some people and my family got up see it then I.

Went to pride because pride actually fell on.

A family engagement which I had to miss because I was working and while I was at pride I was still working I was like a work trip sort of I was working on my music video assignment on that particular weekend I went to pride like to literally for the sole.

Purpose of getting footage for my music video I’m not the kind of person.

Who like even though it would have been my first pride if I hadn’t been working on a music video I would have come home and gone to the family then kids like I’m not so sure person I just want to proof us off by saying in case any members of my family are watching this I was at pride for work not fun.

I mean I had fun as well but it was more to get footage from my music video yeah anyway the pride event in Wellington is kind of always pride in Wellington to be honest this range ocean every will they just introduced a new rainbow crosswalk the street.

Lights are drag queens I’m miss Wellington um vennett the specific pride event did starts and doesn’t start in the morning oh I can’t remember it at all I think it starts in the morning or like mid-morning ish and it starts off with a March just around Wellington I didn’t do that because I quite enjoy living sometimes and if I dragged my unhealthy ass.

Around Wellington I would have died so I didn’t do that I spent in the morning working on the footage that I.

Had for my music video and then at around two o’clock I went down to this park that’s along the waterfront it has a name that I cannot remember but I went on down there with my camera.