Nov 13th Announcements

Good morning Hornets today is Tuesday November 13th day 5 12:05 – 1235 grade 5 will be in the DPA room reminder – Austin’s – halls are off limit during the first recess and second half of lunch from 12 35 to 1:05 p. you must choose a designated area and remain there if you choose to be outside during these.

Times you must dress appropriately daily concession special beef bacon salad $4 today is happy feet let’s get outside and get some fresh air meet Miss Martin up in the hive at 1205 and come do a few laughs with.

Us any grade 6 students with their babysitter course registration form and money please see Miss Martin yuck in room 203 there are only 30 spots of the first 30 students to get their form and money and.

Will be the 30 participating tomorrow is the registration deadline reminder that Friday is mustache day this means mum staff and students can wear a mustache if you’re brave or you can draw it on your finger to display as you wish student council members will be set up in the hi first thing Friday morning to draw one for you if she’s like been during lunch recess today.

Is for grades 7 8 flute players celebrating birthdays today examiner Blackman Landon LaRue Riley pengal and Devlin small please complete morning attendance and haunch remember students.

To work hard be kind and have a great day everyone.