Announcements 11/9/18

Good Morning America hope you weren’t blinded by the snow this morning due to our 10 o’clock late start you have to put up with us too for your daily announcements let’s get started Northeast Community College is hosting a vet tech career day on Wednesday November 14th and ECC criminal justice career day has been rescheduled to Friday November 9th.

Check the office window for money owed for report cards play practice on Friday at 6:30 p. the Veterans Day program will be in the big gym at 9 o’clock Monday morning community service hours Saturday around 1:00 p.

they will be decorating at Sailing just show up to help even.

If you don’t meet community service hours they appreciate all the help they can get everyone we encourage you to purchase a yearbook for the 2019 year they will be available in August of 2019 the cost is $50 any student 16 or older waiting to take dual credit college courses for the spring semester need to see mrs. Baldwin ASAP registration starts Monday November 12 most high health science experience in.

BCC in Norfolk on Thursday November 29 pay $10 to the office.

Nelson their seat to register before number November 20th Northeast Community.

College is hosting a media arts career day on Thursday November 29th a day full of interactive sessions focusing on improv agen graphic design audio film production music and more sports football here on Monday at five o’clock CHS versus Exeter Milligan friend weather snow currently 18 and cloudy 15 to 25 minutes mile.

An hour winds high of 21 is expected and a low of 12 for tonight that has been.

Your announcements okay hey guys today we’re here with some of the members of the Creighton football team we’re going.

To be asking them some questions what do you guys want to introduce yourselves the fat hazing I’m clay Curtis I’m Samuel eugene van Meter okay um how do you guys feel about your upcoming semifinal game first Exeter Milligan and friend they’re gonna be good we’re gonna be they’re gonna try.

And beat us up the middle but we’re gonna stop them they’re gonna be good but we’re gonna be better okay um what is your guys at his most memorable game so far Wakefield last year we ran back to kickoffs I would say the.

Plague view playoff game because that was my first playoff start last year probably the plan new plan Plainview playoff game as well because we dominated okay can you guys describe your pregame ritual walk.

Around look at the floor touch my memorial field maybe do a little stretching high-five let’s go yeah to the game what is something that the coaches say to motivate you guys clay how about the kibbeh for the linemen police says you know pretty much.

Okay oh who is your guys’s favorite teammate and why rod rod rod rod no net there’s not a rod on your roster guys whose rod noha noha no budget rod no neck no BOTS chick himself and why is he your favorite teammate he’s my son Hey look at him rod if you’re watching this I love you okay that’s a wrap guys thank you.