Ck Announcements 11-11

Hello I’m the drastic park manager he was t-rex today and we are here to give you your cross Kingdom announcements towering above all dinosaurs is the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex with things as large as bananas and twice as sharp and a mighty roar he is truly the king of the dinosaurs the Tyrannosaurus pray at a dazzling speed of 3.

Miles per hour and in the rare case he misses his prey he forages very rare pigeon t-rex in its natural habitat you need some 18 bounce it is incredibly rare to witness this majestic dance in the wild however it is time for announcements so.

The trainer must gather 30 racks so mark your calendars for December 16th it will be happy to cross Kingdom Christmas party so bring some food think of some different ideas and just mark that on the calendar t-rex will be.
There nice and hungry ready to party also coming.

Up we’re going to have a family gift drive for cross Kingdom so if you know of anyone cross Kingdom that you would like to give to you just keep that in mind.

And come up with some good ideas to support your community we are also still in need of some volunteers for kids church and the media department so make sure you get in with Paul and tell them because you know you want to volunteer don’t make me sick t-rex you’re on yeah yeah there you go that’s it for this week t-rex is looking a.
Little hungry you wanna go get a snack..