Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018: Tarkanian Announcements

Ready begin you hi I’m Emily cava I was nominated by mr.
Davis for being kind and helping others hi my name is mica and I was nominated by mr. Hajduk and I was caught being helpful to my other friends today is great day your first period teacher will be handing out your grade day envelopes each teacher will give.

You a progress report to add to your envelope at the end of the day take your great day envelope home.

Guardian review your progress reports then sign your envelope return your signed empty envelope to your first period teacher tomorrow teachers don’t forget to stamp the hands of all students with perfect attendance for the.

Month of October today lunch perfect attendance news will have the opportunity to escape.

The cafeteria and enjoy some fresh air and games in the courtyard don’t forget to bring in some canned or box non-perishable food to donate to those in need TMS leadership is collecting your donations all this week for each food item that you donate you will be getting a ticket entered into a drawing for.

An Amazon gift card varun dance club needs a after school today for lunch please enjoy the salad bar Thanksgiving on a roll.

Take out cheese pizza grab-and-go crispy chicken salad grab-and-go spicy chicken wrap PB carrots applesauce cup milk and chocolate milk good morning tart cane.

This is Jake with the filled words of wisdom every day we are faced with many decisions the choices we make affect not only us but those around us and then those around those around.

Us it’s like throwing a pebble into a still pond our choices ripple out into.

The world in ways we don’t always understand how do you make the right choice William James the great American philosopher says tell him to live by yes and.
No yes to everything good no to everything.

Bad how do we know what’s good and what’s bad how do we know right from wrong first we listen to the word the wisdom of.

Our teachers parents and grandparents or perhaps our faith leaders and then second we listen to our hearts are you trying to make an important choice in life then turn off the iPod and.

The TV turn off the video games and the CDs sit be still listen as Jimmy cricket says let your constant conscience be your guide with something to think about this is.
Great day or not the choice is always yours..