11/12/18 Bisd Video Announcements

Hi I’m Chris with the buckaroo online video announcements and we’ll be going over the week of the twelve on Monday will be a student holiday of the staff will still have a head of school will be the start of Eastern winery’s Book Fair and FFA will have their district led competitions on Tuesday the 13th will be start of.

The third six weeks East Elementary will be having their Thanksgiving lunch there’ll be a Bronco pulse meeting in.

The junior high we state Swan validation day for FFA ladybucks will be playing basketball as Santo and that is.

For JV and varsity will be a PTO meeting and North Elementary at 5:30 Wednesday at the 14th we’ll have the senior ring ceremony at Bailey auditorium Thursday the 15th.

Will be having the better to say program will be Thanksgiving lunch at South Elementary ladybucks JV basketball will begin their eula tournament ladybucks varsity basketball will begin their bear tournament and both of those will run through Saturday June yeha will have Bronco basketball at pista and that will begin Ford will be family not at the book fair East Elementary Friday.

The 16th North Elementary will be having their.

Turkey truck and that’s where all students will walk one mile starting at the baseball fields down 193 and.
L throws back to school and that would be at 9 a.

And a few of the students that finish 1st we’ll get a few prizes it will have an honest assembly at 10:00 a. to 11:00 and LT cook and if the buckaroos win against Claude we’ll be going into the first round of the playoffs and hopefully we’ll be cheering them on go bugs Saturday the 17th the FFA and the Stevens County Junior Livestock Show will have swim validation go bugs we hope you have a.

Great week for a special feature for the week we got to cover the young bucks program where they met with the bar super ball players and had a good time and we’ve got some pictures and video clips from that that we’d like to share with you and we hope you.

Enjoyed for other special features shaitan bills and i went over to the four H’s curtain club meeting and we’ve got some pictures of video clips on that that we hope you enjoyed we’re doing some great stuff over there hi I’m summer Russell face Stevens County 4-h extension agent thanks for being here today can you tell us a little bit about what food club is yes big clip is I’m a 4-h program.

After-school program that we started this year in Stevens County to get the kids an opportunity to have something to be involved with after school that teaches them life skills and thinking have.

Forever where are some of those things that they learn in food club our overall goals are to teach them things that they can have for the rest of their life and 4-h most of our.

Project area says it’s what our goal is is to install things that they will have forever and we learn different concepts the main concepts that we learn our nutrition what unphased we put into our body what they do for our bodies my plate which is a set amount of food per food group that you’re supposed to eat daily they learn how much they’re so City for someone their age and their size and how much.