Shout Outs And Announcements

Hey guys we’re back on chasing subscribers today I’m gonna be doing shoutouts and announcements so I’m gonna do a shout out to a lot of people so the first one is drone kid if you watch my channel that’s Cooper King pug or Cooper King duck he made a new channel where it flies drones the second channel I’m gonna.

Talk about is plunger and the channels code plunger and he makes fortnight videos it’s Logan and then number three is mr.

bacon he plays for tonight he does others.

Cool stuff then that’s Avery laughing in the background and subscribe to a channel of fun and subscribe to the coot game and that’s pretty much it for the shout outs now for the announcements we’re gonna be doing videos about talking about stuff like the new things that are happening so yeah that’s the announcement that’s and if you’re wondering what I’m looking at I’m.

Just watching the Philadelphia 76ers they’re my favorite basketball team and they’re pretty good.
They have a lot of wins so yeah that’s it for.

Today’s video we’ll see you later on.

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