5 Notion Layouts Pt. 2

Well you asked for it five more layouts for notion coming right up alright let’s just dive into it this is the reference layout this layout is a simple solution for those people out there that want to reference certain information on the go without having to dig through tons of files and folders and I know that search in apps.

Is very powerful these days but come on.

When you’re in a hurry you really don’t want to be searching for stuff anyway so.

To solve that problem I have four pages here on my left navigation panel as you can see we have reference scans file cabinet and archive right now we have the reference page open and as you can see here I just have some pages you know basically just information you’re gonna be looking up a lot on a weekly maybe even.

Daily basis and you really don’t wanna be digging around for the same information over and over again in a way it’s almost like you’re reinventing the wheel in terms of.

Trying to find your data so to solve that problem just put all that data you’re going to be looking at constantly on a recurring basis in this reference page and I’m gonna open up a couple examples here let’s go into emergency we’ve got some emergency.

Phone numbers we got some links this is the kind of stuff that I’m talking about here when there’s an emergency you’re gonna be most likely panicking I mean we’ve all been there it happens I know we all think we’re never gonna panic we’re gonna play cool.

But when stuff gets out of hand yeah it can be stressful imagine if say something.

Happened like a power outage or your apartment was flooding your cat or dog needed to see a doctor right away by.

Having this information already laid out for you in these pages you don’t have to think you don’t have to google anything you’re all set you’re good to go and if we go back to.

The reference page again click on Wi-Fi passwords we get a list of Wi-Fi passwords here for routers that we use on a regular basis now I know what you’re thinking yes our phones do save Wi-Fi passwords however and let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever been.

In the situation but have you ever maybe gotten a new phone or lost your phone or broke your phone and you got a new phone you had a replacement or maybe you use your friends old phone while you were waiting to get your new phone whatever.
It may be in all those situations you’re gonna have to reenter.

That password again and I’ve been there not everyone I know has their Wi-Fi password memorized I’ll tell you that right now so yeah with this way you don’t have to ask more than once and it’s all within reach of that reference page and below the reference.

Page we have a page for scans these pages are basically in boxes for you to throw your scans into so let’s open up a page here real quick and as you can see here we have a scan from a hospital and let’s just say you’re ready to.

Organize these scans we hop over to the filing cabinet as you can see here we have organized areas for our life and specific pages inside those areas so as you can see we already have medical right here there’s nothing in it what we’re gonna do is we.

Can go back to scans and we’re gonna open up that filing cabinet page on the Left sidebar here so notion lets you open and close these pages on the.

Left panel here as if they were folders which is very useful so what we’re gonna do is instead of making a mess just dragging things and not.

Gonna go let’s hop back in the scans hop back in medical let’s grab that visit summary you want.

To click and drag right here bring it over to the medical page inside the filing cabinet and so what I just did was I dragged that scan from scans into this medical.

Page here so all these pages right here you can see them all right here and if we close that up and go into medical there is the scan safe and sound and some of you might be wondering well how do I know if certain pages should be in.

The reference folder versus the filing cabinet well I mean that’s.

Really up to you I mean if you find yourself going to a page multiple times a month multiple times a day just simply drag and drop whatever information you need from the filing cabinet page over to the reference page it’s that simple and of course if there’s anything you don’t need anymore we have.

A archive page right here which is basically.

A great way to keep a history log of things that you’ve worked on which is just a convenient way to keep any data that you don’t need anymore get it out of your main.

Pages prevent that clutter from piling up but just in case you need to go back and reference later you still have it in that archive page all right let’s move on to the next layout so this is the planner layout this layout is designed to help you plan things that you want to do and if you look on our sidebar.

Here we have a page for ideas plans schedule templates and archive so right now we’re in the ideas page and I just have a couple examples here this page is simply.

For you to throw in your ideas it’s basically like an inbox and once you have some ideas in there.

Want to organize things all you got to do is take one of these ideas grab it we’re gonna bring it over to plans when we hop into that page and you know I got some categories here to organize things this is gonna be for work so.

We’re gonna when we pop that open drag that in there now I know this page might seem a little overdone in but the plans page is a simple way to organize your ideas and plans and events inside these.

Categories which basically work like folders and I have them color-coded here which is just an easier way to separate them visually and this page is just a way to separate things that you’re definitely planning.

On doing first is just ideas and the ideas page because who knows maybe you won’t end up doing all the things that you write down in that ideas page so in short this is a.

Page for your plans that you are serious about now the schedule page here is our calendar but in order for this drag-and-drop to be successful we got to turn this into a page once you’ve done that we’re gonna go over to schedule and.

I’ve made this page a full size calendar just like we did earlier click the arrow next to the plans page and now because we turn that bullet into a page it will now show up in the.

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