Zenkit Revisited | Full Review

Hello everyone welcome to another video it is francesco here and i hope everyone is doing very well so in this video what i wanted to do is check out an application and i reviewed maybe about three or four months ago something that has actually been cropping up a lot all over the web mainly because people have been mean.

Dropping it and popping it in other channels that have been following and she having an about and it’s actually keeping my attention like a lot of good applications i check out out there i really.

Enjoy when someone finds a good application and recommend it to me so as you can see here this is n kit zenki I reviewed quite a.

While ago as I was saying it looked a little different so since.

That period of time they’ve launched a few things that weren’t really available last time I checked in so they’ve obviously redesigned it slightly I mean they’ve had a sort of a bit of a clean approach to it new backgrounds and new sort of like visualizations I guess they also have a new layout which a fully can’t.

Like made now which is mind mapping and they also have templates too so they.

Really works on developing the product of this experience and the reason why I like to come back to an application like this is because what I really rate this application is more of a project manager at the moment mainly because it has the same I always say the same level of functionality as Trello but sort of goes a bit deeper on the layouts functionality so what I want to do in this video is recap Zen kit then.

And what I want to do is sort of go over some of the smaller features that they we release I hope this video is useful for you guys because I think it will provide me with a recap and also an overview and also.

Just a general guide to how to use this so just before we get started if you haven’t yet subscribed hit the subscription button.

And also the bound notification because you’ll get regular videos as soon as the videos are out they’ll go to your inbox actually I don’t think it’s that spammy it’ll go to.
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You can either pass or watch it but it’d be really great so feel free to hit the.

Subscription button at the very least and just did use the bail notification if you like so let’s jump into the Zen kit review so as you can see here I’m inside one of their they’re called collections officially so as you can see you’ve got my collections here I did use that.

One last time but you can create you know some selections collection sorry and.

You can also create a new team too so the thing that they’ve added which is new is the backgrounds so as you can see you can modify the background so I’m going to change it to think there was something there was Erica City in the background it looks like Mars or something yes so as you can see they have made a new background vailable which.

Makes everything look a little bit more interactive which is pretty cool so you can access that when you’re just about to go in there and you can actually upload your own which is nice but that’s only available Plus plan members apparently but that’s a nice addition that’s something that I like inside of Trello although Trello now limits you only.

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