How To Use Google Keep

Today we’ll look at another great Google productivity tool called Google keep open your browser and serve to keep Google calm this will open Google keep if it is the first time you use Google keep you will see that there are already a couple of notes present there is also a tutorial which will guide you through Google keep click.

On got it and we now see four lists or notes that have been made by Google welcome to Google keep we can now delete or edit these notes let’s start by deleting the notes.

Click on the three little dots delete notes let’s do this for all the other notes to delete delete delete and delete as you can see we can always.

Undo what we’ve deleted now we now have a blank Google keep and we can create new notes let’s create our first note so let’s click on add note give it a title first note this is my first note after typing your notes you can also assign it a color I’ll choose blue you can set a.

Reminder so I can remind myself let’s say let’s remind the 6th of March 9 in the morning remind me you can now see that your notes will send you a reminder at 9 o’clock in the morning the 6th.

Of March you can also invite people by clicking on share that means you can now share this.

People let’s click done and let’s create a second note which will be a list let’s call this nose my first list and simply click on the list icon new list and you can now start listing items item.

1 item 2 item 3 now this could be a list of tasks that you still have to complete or a grocery.

Shopping list whatever you want it to be once you’ve click done you can also tick these items and they will appear crossed out there is one more feature of Google keep that I would like to show you which is adding an image you can add an image here search any.

Image on your computer and upload it that’s Google keep have fun with it it’s a great tool.

It works on computers phones tablets and it will automatically sync because it keeps all your notes stored in the cloud.

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