Working With Evernote | Ep81 | How To Set Up Evernote The Ydl2.0 Way

In this week’s episode of working with Evernote it’s all about how to set up your notes app for your digital life 2.0 hello and welcome to episode 81 of my working with Evernote series my name is Colleen and in this week’s episode I have a very very special episode for you because I’m going to show you how I.

Have my Evernote setup which is effectively exactly how I suggest or.

Recommend that you setup your Notes app in the book.

That I published yesterday your digital life 2.

0 and way that you can get it sorted out now the thing about your Notes app is it needs to grow with you and it needs to work to the way that you think and the way that you operate so the problem I always have when I write a book about.

A Productivity system really is the notes application because I know all of you guys out there are different I know all of you guys out.

There have a probably a different way of thinking about planning and organizing and capturing notes but what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how I recommend you.

Set up notes but I want you to keep in mind that as your note system grows with you you should have the freedom to develop it how you want to do now the thing is I’ve been using Evernote now for about eight or nine years and.

Over that time my system has grown and changed and evolved and and so on and.

That’s perfectly normal there is nothing wrong with that now my system is loosely based on a system that my good friend and Rico Nala introduced probably about two years.

Ago on francesco de les o’s channel and i have found this system is absolutely fantastic because it really revolutionized the way i use tags now the way i suggest people set up their notes application.

Is to actually focus a little have a limited number of notebooks and use tagging to be able to find your notes now Evernote has a fantastic search.

Engine so you don’t really have to worry too much about getting your tags absolutely active absolutely accurate but that said having a setup.

Of notes with tags really can supercharge your tagging system and do search functionality okay I think I’ve rambled on enough already so let’s get into.

Evernote but before I do that I would just like to say if you like this video please click on the like button and if you haven’t subscribed to this channel yet please subscribe.

Okay let’s get into Evernote and I’ll show you how to set it up the your digital life 2.0 version now as I mentioned in the introduction the the problem here with notes applications is I know everyone is going.

To be different so what I want to show you in this particular episode is how to get once a notes application set up in the basic format but I strongly want recommend that you play around with it and get something working exactly how you want it to work so for.

Those of you been following my Evernote channel for a while a lot of the stuff I’m going to cover today is obviously something you’ve seen but however what I want to do is kind of cross-reference this with this is how I have my notes application set up for now this is my.

Current setup I really like the way that it’s working a lot of it as I mentioned at the beginning is inspired by Enrico Nala’s video but also I’ve taken some from Michael Hyatts set up in Evernote as well and I’ve been kind of playing.

Around with it but I’ve got a system now that really really works for me and that I feel very very comfortable working with there is one thing that I noticed that I haven’t actually done.

Yet but I have my incubator which needs to be in here and it’s a very important one song and put that up at the top but apart.
From that this is essentially how I have my Evernote set.

Up right now so let’s start off at the beginning so for those of you reading who bought your digital life 2.

0 this is how I would recommend that you get your notes application set up as.

I mentioned in the book and I mentioning now I use Evernote but it doesn’t really matter whether.

You use OneNote or whether you’re just using Apple’s note taking application which is a brilliant application or even Google keep if you can set up a system like.

This then you’re pretty much on your way to having a fantastic ly workable productivity system so as I mentioned the number one most important in.

A notebook in Evernote that you’re gonna need or file is your inbox because this is where you’re collecting all the items that’s coming at you on a daily basis and your inbox is the most important notebook that you’re gonna collect because this is what you will process at the end of every week or every day if you kept ting a lot of notes.

Now I put the emphasis on there the @ sign there just to keep inbox right at the top of my list so it’s very easy to actually capture it’s also in my shortcuts here as well so that I can actually use that.

Very quickly if I need to get to it then I have my current project stack so I all the books I’m all the things.

That I’m currently working on right now so again I got my island 2017-18 which is a trip I’m taking I’ve got three notes in there these are my itineraries and various other things that I’m either waiting for or currently doing Range Rover well this is for.

The car that I want to buy next year so that’s in.

There all the details regarding that next year’s book is already started the planning process of that and your digital life 2.0 is almost finished press it is finished and so this will now go into.

My archive but one of the things about your digital life is it’s a book that I intend to update regularly every 2 or.

3 years because technology is moving forward all the time so it will very quickly be out of date so every 2 or 3 years I update.

The book so that will probably be on my list of things to do in 2019 or 2020 then we got up here we got my work reference folder so I separated out work and personal however that’s not really strictly important you can just have one big reference notebook it really doesn’t matter I just prefer to do it that way I also have my online courses stack here simply because what I want to be able to do is I will.

Have ideas about updating these courses and so as I have the ideas I can just add them into the notes that are actually in.

There so that they can be improved and made.

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