How To Be Productive (simple Trick!)

Hi today I’m gonna tell you how to be productive when your day starts to kind of fall apart like today I had a cancellation because my client was in a really bad car accident the other day and but she’s gonna be okay but today instead of sitting at home and taking the day off which I kind of wanted.

To do I have a lot of things that I want to do.

And get done and I’m going to talk to you about how to be productive when you don’t feel like being productive all right so.

Being overwhelmed is a big part of me being not productive when I am just sitting somewhere and just thinking I’m just too in my head I’m not talking to anybody I’m not taking any action I’m just thinking about all of the things that I have to do that day I get really overwhelmed and then I end up freezing basically and not doing anything and then I get more overwhelmed than it’s just a terrible vicious cycle but if you can get out of that cycle then that is when you can become productive.

And for some people I guess they can just say okay everything’s okay and just move on with their day and be productive and go through their routine if you can do that good.

For you for me I can’t so to get out of that overwhelmed state you can’t just kind of say okay everything’s gonna be okay because you didn’t really take.

Any action you just kind of told yourself something so what I usually like to do is I’ll be you know on the couch overwhelmed sitting there and not doing anything with myself.
So what I’ll do is get up you know take a shower listen to music work out.

Maybe and that way I’m getting my brain going I’m.

Getting it I’m getting it off of oh my god I have so much to do and this and that ball bla so it getting your mind onto something else like taking a shower eating or exercising kind of loosens your brain up so then that way.

You can think and then once you’ve you know got your juices flowing you are able to sit down and make a list this list is incredibly important to getting out of that I’m so overwhelmed that I have no idea what to do state you write down everything that you need to do you just basically dump your thoughts onto a page and don’t think about like oh my god I can’t get all.

Of this done in today that okay just get everything that you have on your mind that you’re overwhelmed about and then you’re not being productive about on a piece of paper so you’re visually able to look at it and you’re able to say okay.

This is manageable I can pick this apart step by step and say you know this really isn’t that bad or if it is that bad then you’re able to just organize your thoughts and say this is what I need to do I don’t have to think about it anymore because it’s on the piece of paper I’m gonna take it one step at a time.

And I think that that is super important is taking things one step at a time and being productive in that way so every once in a while obviously you’re gonna need.

A break you have to go you know eat something or somebody’s gonna call you.

And sometimes what I’ll do is all get sucked into that break and I will you know become unproductive again so my best advice is if you have to take.
A break keep it short keep it quick and.

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